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  1. Okay this is a totally sick mod, well done and all that, but is that really what the character model looks like when you run? 😭 I thought I looked like a cool anime guy lol

  2. I wasn't able to make it look nice with the animations they use in game for the ghosts. But yeah these look super silly, they are just what I could do in short term notice. This player body is disabled by default in the mod, it is mostly just useful for this kind of video.

  3. Oh I see, I didn’t realize exactly what I was seeing! But like I said, awesome work. Wish I had VR 😩

  4. Thanks to everyone who replied. Passing everything on to my parents in the hopes that it helps!

  5. I’m glad Klopp has perfect vision now but it’s not the same without his signature glasses

  6. Same, I still feel like seeing him without glasses is so cursed lol

  7. There’s something kinda haunting about this lyric “I don’t know how but I’m taller, it must be something in the water”

  8. I always hear this and think of it as a Lord of the Rings reference, to when Merry and Pippin drink the Ent-draught and grow a bit taller. Am I the only one?

  9. Role queue is the worst. It ruined OW for me. I was pretty solid on many roles. It helped me in competitive until it didn't. Come to find out, I'm not much of a role specialist.

  10. I enjoyed (competitive) Overwatch much more after role queue was added. No more begging with teammates to play tank or healer. But I don’t think role queue is right for Valorant because having a sentinel or a healing agent is the be all end all (like it is in Overwatch).

  11. Wish this promising young player could get some playtime in garbage time instead of the Coach’s son…

  12. You think this U17 academy player that you have never seen is better than another young player you haven't seen for more than about 6 minutes, just because of their names?

  13. Okay I didn’t realize he wouldn’t be eligible, so thank you for teaching me that. And hey if Wolff becomes a great player I’m all for it. But right now he’s looked very suspect and it’s definitely an odd look to sign and play the coaches son. I was

  14. Couldn’t agree more. The food and drink options at the stadium are all great and tasty, but the prices mean I get drinks before and after the game. I was charged almost $40 for two jellyfish, never again!!

  15. I am diamond 1 and have been performing pretty well with MKB. I try to use good movement and map navigation to get the first shots on my opponent. I also try to use some of the close up weapons like the mangler or heatwave and try and one shot + melee. Hope this helps!

  16. Hey, I was the lead developer and project manager on that Workshop mode! Great to finally see this project reach the public!

  17. Hey man that’s cool! How did you find that position? Is it something you do in your free time? I would love to join something like that

  18. Oh boy, if you think Paul was bad for the universe, just keep reading. It gets better (or worse, depending on who you are)

  19. Yes Plat Chat Representatives, 100 Thieves did Indeed bench Joshua “steel” Nissan.

  20. I was thinking wow these look just like the ones from The Sourdough project and it’s really you 😂these are awesome!!

  21. Hey Jon! I’ve loved the changes to the OWL this year. The format, the lofi music loading screens, and the return of live OW. Awesome! If there was any one thing you would add to the experience, what would it be? You have unlimited resources!

  22. I wanted to license "The Final Countdown" and play it every broadcast of the Countdown Cup, but it turns out that's really expensive and not worth it. Also UFC's Fight Island would've been really helpful in the pandemic with all the travel challenges.

  23. Sounds awesome! OWL fight island, maybe some Big Brother-esc cameras and I’d never stop watching 😂

  24. I am a huge fan of the Backchat series Plat Chat has for Valorant. It’s great to hear from players (and maybe coaches in the future) who can give us a little more insight than the usual pepega speculation :p

  25. I was hoping it would be Moth furiously swinging one of those tiny flails saying he’s “practicing brig”

  26. I love this but huge missed opportunity to not have Sado with the 2L coke bottle 😂

  27. Weren’t they going to build a metro rail stop at the stadium? What happened to that?

  28. Awesome, glad it’s in the works! For now I can handle a 15 minute walk

  29. I have the Logitech G Pro Wireless headset, and I think the 3D sound on those headphones is worlds better than disabling it for HRTF. I’m sure if your headset didn’t have the 3D though, this would be a massive improvement.

  30. The other thing I’ve found is that if I am holding an angle too static, with all my muscles tensed up, I will whiff when someone finally peeks that angle, but if I keep my muscles relaxed and even move a bit around, I’m much more effective at landing the shots. Just staying relaxed and trusting your aim is everything sometimes!

  31. Sorry, posted the wrong tweet somehow, here’s the correct one:

  32. Agreed. I personally stopped playing Overwatch because DPS queue times were as long as the games themself (10-15 mins)

  33. You should check out their new solution to this problem, priority queue tickets. Basically if you queue as flex (any role) it will find a role for you, and then you can use those tickets to expedite your queue of choice (I think mainly it will be DPS). It went live last patch.

  34. Check out the song Everything Now by Arcade Fire. Features this same artist playing the same instrument, and it rocks!

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