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  1. its an unlicensed brand but does it mean that its fake?

  2. Nah theres a difference, its a black market brand which isn’t licensed, a fake is a cart pretending to be another brand

  3. “Dank vapes are filled with pesticides that will kill you 🤓”

  4. You keeping it upright at night? Maybe thats why otherwise i wouldnt know

  5. Is it enjoyable though 🤔? Seems overwhelming

  6. The fact the you call thc-o which is synthetic “legit” scares me

  7. Not a good guy, but he gave Baltimore some hope of stability in the underworld. The fact that he trusted Marlo is the single worst mistake that any character in the show made.

  8. Wasnt a good guy? In my opinion one of the best on the show

  9. ^ nigga acting like getting shot in the face is better than getting rocketed in the face

  10. I’ve only gotten real push carts like my plug goes to La for them 😭

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