1. How the fuck your get it to show you the rankings right after you draft them?

  2. Had this happen when I turned off the salary cap to fire coaches. I wanted to change my scheme to match my new mobile QB. I hired the new coaches with the cap off. I purposely stayed under the cap and then turned it back on. They stayed that way for two years until I replaced them. I do not know if it affected my team or not. Similar to you I got good coaches and they should have been at least 3.5 stars both ways.

  3. Yeah as you get 5-7 seasons in you'll see some 90's in FA but almost all of them will be brokedicks.

  4. And then shoot up places full of people who did nothing to deserve their bullshit.

  5. We have 29, 22, 18, 16, 15, 9, and 7. The first 2 we had with different partners but the next 5 are ours. I'm 50 and my wife is 45. But yeah, the last two have so much energy... tired

  6. I have a 19 year old and a 3 year old. I'm 46. My 3 year old was unplanned and quite the shock. I'm a way more patient parent with my youngest. I don't love being the oldest father at preschool though haha.

  7. Kellen Moore, Shane what's his nuts from the Eagles and maybe Brian Flores. Course I do not think Kevin will be fired.

  8. The winning QB was also from Ohio. Zac Colloros(sp).

  9. You'd still think I'd know that being he's from Steuby where I have resided for 12 years.

  10. Making solid picks in the second round and trading Denzel for more picks makes more sense since we could move newsome and Emerson outside and greedy inside and greedy would be cheaper than Denzel by a longshot. Denzel would get good return as far as draft picks I believe. We could then look to free agency for a solid piece corner if one is available or if joey Porter Jr falls to 2nd rd he is physical corner that could help out.

  11. You do realize we just extended Denzel and he had a dead cap hit of 40 mil right?

  12. You can see the high water mark in 2020. If Joe Woods would have been good enough to stop a backup QB in KC we could have made the super bowl. That was our peak I'm afraid.

  13. Is that John C Reilly from Wreck It Ralph announcing?

  14. We are elite at giving away a score at the end of the first half

  15. Don't forget the 2nd half as well. We might be the best in the league in that regards.

  16. He should be reinstated. You don't want sneaky fucks lurking in the shadows. You want them broadcasting their plans.

  17. Is it affecting her performance? Is it hurting the shop at all? If the answer is no to those questions. Then ask yourself why you want to report her. Unless its negatively impacting the shop then keep your mouth shut.

  18. Didn't he get to E8 in like 11 years? That's crazy.

  19. I live across the river from where this Marine is from. I'm definitely gonna check this out.

  20. That video doesn’t show anything your or the guy says it shows…..

  21. I generally carry a "fuck the police" mentality. However there is so much context missing here.

  22. First she dealt with Cancer and now she's dealing with MS. I wish her the best.

  23. Myles has I think a dead cap value of almost 50 mil. That makes him untradable.

  24. I didnt realize his dead cap was that high. That alone would kill the practicality of this idea, thanks for that info.

  25. I looked it up. My bad it's 48 mil this year. It's 35mill in2023. Even after June 1st it's 12mil in 2023 and 23mil in 2024.

  26. I just checked the injury report. Myles wasn't on it. Does anyone know where he was today? Also can we put Wills on the injury report before he gets someone killed. Fuck they best not pick up his 5th year option.

  27. I am glad I'll be in Cancun next week and will be far away from the upcoming crime scene in Buffalo.

  28. I’m there the week after. I come home the day Deshaun starts. Not looking forward to being depressed right after I get married.

  29. He's gonna be lucky to be the door greeter at the next CPAC after what he did to the GOP last Tuesday.

  30. No I said as door greeter not head of security….

  31. If Jimmy does nothing after this fucking embarrassing bullshit we watched, then the NFL should force him to sell the team to someone that actually cares. This is fucking horrific to watch and quite honestly I am losing interest in the organization. I cannot foresee giving this organization thousands of dollars for season tickets only to watch the same shitty football year in and year out.

  32. Guys I'm starting to think we might not get to the Super Bowl!!!

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