1. Omg I’ve been trying to remember the name of this book for YEARS! I think about that story on a regular basis, I just loved it. Thank you for making my day/week/year.

  2. Yes. Unfortunately, there’s really no good way to prevent it. I’d recommend investing in a good shovel and a pusher to easily clear off the roof.

  3. “Can I ask why you’re looking for them?”

  4. In theory, the equality sounds great. In practice, leaders are corrupt and exploit the rest of the population.

  5. Drawing, painting, sculpting, puzzles, knitting, sewing, embroidery, reading, crossword puzzles, board games, card games, calligraphy, playing an instrument.

  6. Chobani makes a mint chocolate chip “flip” yogurt

  7. This goes deeper than just money. This is obsessive behavior that you should discuss with a professional therapist. They will help you work through it.

  8. I have been considering seeing a proffessional but this doesn't seem serious enough? i'd feel bad for taking up time the therapist could have used for someone who needs it more. but ty maybe I should look into it more

  9. You don’t need any reason at all to see a therapist- it can be as simple as you feel like you need someone to talk to, and they won’t judge you for that. But this is clearly having a significant impact on your life, which means that it is more than serious enough.

  10. “Hey, I know we had a disagreement, but I still care about you and I hope we can still be friends. Can we talk?”

  11. Well, if you look higher, we should propose anti-discrimination against all of the minority in the US such as the indigenous people, Muslims, Sikh, etc. Otherwise, if we only care with the Jew, that would be discriminating.

  12. We are fighting for antidiscrimination against all minorities- it’s been pretty top news for the last several years. Antisemitism just happens to be top news for the past couple days because one of the biggest celebrities in the county said such shockingly racist things about the Jewish people. If he had said it about Muslims or Sikh, we would be talking about hatred against those groups.

  13. My family is obsessed with seltzer and have had a soda stream for several years. The recycling bin alone is enough to tell me how much we’ve saved on the cost and environmental front. The bin used to be full of bottles and cans each week, it’s nice not to see all that plastic waste anymore.

  14. The Hays code had strict censorship restrictions on Hollywood, severely limiting swearing, nudity, sexual situations… basically anything that could be seen as scandalous. It was revoked in 1968. After that, mainstream movies started to push the boundaries more and more to see what they could get away with amongst audiences. That’s when the G, PG, and R ratings came into being, so audiences were prepared for what they were getting into. As movies pushed the boundaries through the late 80s, they decided R wasn’t enough of a warning for the content, so in 1990, the NC-17 rating came into being. But studios wanted to avoid that rating because it restricted their audiences much more. So they started toning movies back down a bit.

  15. It’s an attempt to dry their eyes so tears don’t fall. Women commonly wear makeup and tears can ruin it. Plus, sometimes they just don’t want others to see them cry.

  16. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have the capacity to take on any extra tasks that do not fall within my designated role and responsibilities.”

  17. I am very anti-Trump, but I believe cutting all contact with family should be an absolute last option, after all other options have been exhausted. Have several calm, rational discussions with them about why this hurts you so much. I would avoid terms like fascism and socialist and antifa, because these have become politicized to the point of losing all meaning for many people. Focus instead on the human aspect- the discrimination, prejudice, racism, misogyny, mockery, etc. Explain to them that it’s painful for you to watch them support someone with a complete lack of empathy for other people, and that it goes against everything they taught you about being kind to others (which I assume they did teach you as a kid). Work to relate to them in a personal level- if you go right at them at a political level, you’ll never get through.

  18. Good point, I will try to not bring up politics but if they ever go to a Maga insurrection I will report them to the FBI 😂

  19. I see where you're coming from, but don't you think that if someone is arguing in favor of a position, but they ignore that position in their own lives, that weakens their case?

  20. YTA. Graham isn’t some public figure, he’s a college kid who probably just had his world rocked by finding out his dad is involved in such a scandal. He’s trying to figure out how to cope with the fact that his dad isn’t who he thought he was, and so flagrantly went against everything Graham believes in. Graham is allowed to deal with the weight of that privately, and it would be cruel for you to drag his dirty laundry out in front of all your friends.

  21. People who get off on watching animals get stepped on and killed; guy was paying her to make paper animals and step on them instead of real animals.

  22. Welp, it’s 7:14 a.m., and that’s enough internet for today.

  23. Do you mean like chicken eggs? The ones we eat are unfertilized so there is no chance of a bird fetus being in there. The egg is a natural animal byproduct, sort of like milk. It’s not meat, so it’s vegetarian, but not vegan.

  24. If she does end up going, try to convince her to at least register with your country’s embassy in Germany, so at least they know where she is and can find/help her much more quickly in the event that she needs help.

  25. This statement comes with the expectation that people enter conversations with open minds and a willingness to learn and have their opinion changed. In reality, it’s more often that people will shout out their opinions with no willingness to recognize their own shortcomings or willingness to learn or grow from the insights others might provide. So nice in theory, terrible in practice.

  26. I have no advice, but will just say that I have felt the same way on my past few birthdays. I definitely have positive aspects in my life, but I’m so far from where I thought I’d be by my mid-30s, and I have a tendency to be really hard on myself about that even though I logically know I’m not failing in any way. It’s really tough.

  27. If I’m meeting someone for the first time (like someone I met off the apps) I would need them to be within an hour or so, because I need to know we have actual chemistry in person before spending the time and money on travel. But if we’ve met in person and I know we have great chemistry and we are both really into each other, I would be open to a much farther distance. Really anywhere within the country (U.S. based)

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