1. The Comedians by Graham Greene. He’s the best writer of the 20th century and this story takes place during a terrifying time in Haiti.

  2. For attorneys, try both Legal Aid and AVLF. Good luck to your friend

  3. I’m an attorney with an absolutely wonderful a paralegal and know AI couldn’t replace her

  4. Ha I didn’t see these when I wrote my comment saying the same! Laura is my name too :)

  5. My name is Laura! I had two surnames as middle names growing up. If you’re inclined to do another first name, I’d suggest Jane.

  6. Do you know when you're payment due date was prior to the payment pause? Mine was the 20th of each month, and when I've spoken to or used the online chat option with moleha I've been told to wait and submit my form until after my original due date. By my count, this is my 120th month, and out of an abundance of caution I'm waiting until 2/1 to submit anyway, because I'd hate to wait 3-4 months for them to process it, just to find out they didn't count January for some reason, and have to submit and wait again.

  7. Has Betsy addressed this? I’ll look to see when I started in Feb ‘13

  8. I don’t recall what she said about it, but it would be consistent with the normal PSLF rules, and fwiw, it’s what I had done for every ECF prior to covid, and what I continued to do after, including my final ECF that I sent it last year. Dating the ECF at least a day after my payment due date always resulted in that month being included in the count. I even moved up my due date(!) because of this. It took a little over 3 months for my forgiveness to be processed last year. Applied in early March 2022, got forgiven sometime in June 2022. I was still with Fedloan then, and they were really dragging on processing everything. No idea how Mohela is doing since everyone was transferred over. Good luck. Your day will come.

  9. Thanks! Mohela told me to apply on 3/1, so I’ll do that for sure. I’m very lucky in that the firm I’m going to knows that processing time can be long. My fear is running into a government shutdown and the whole thing grinding to a halt. But I can’t control that stuff, soooo I’ll just apply that day and wait!

  10. People in the South do it all the time. I used my MIL’s maiden name for my daughter. Some examples I’ve seen:

  11. Loved the book but what in the world is that cover — a poppy?

  12. Willa Cather, Flannery O’Connor, Octavia Butler, Agatha Christie, Candice Millard, Rebecca Makkai, and Carson McCullers are all favorites of mine.

  13. I’ve read a lot at Vickery’s in Glenwood Park. You can also try Carroll Street Cafe in Cabbagetown

  14. I know you got some great answers, but I wanted to put in a plug for the sliding scale (and secular if that’s your jam — I’m an atheist) Samaritan Center. I love my therapist there. Some do take insurance.

  15. I'm not going to leave yet that's for sure, not until it's 0⃣ I just call once a month to make sure I'm okay and don't have to resubmit an ECF

  16. Yeah I don't blame you! Because I read you have to stay employed after 120, but MOHELA supervisors on two occasions said I was fine and it's just a "waiting game"... Although I don't know how much I trust mohela 🤷‍♂️

  17. Yeah idk if they know what they’re talking about; I got the same info. But I will lose my mind if I have 120 and can’t leave.

  18. I gave them to a good friend. Just dropping them off at Goodwill was too hard but giving them to someone I love was much easier! They struggled to get pregnant for years (and we did too) so it felt really good/meaningful to be able to hand them down. And I’ll get to see some of them again when they get reworn!

  19. This is the way. I gave them to a friend for her adorable rainbow baby. ❤️❤️

  20. I do civil defense for a local government now and will go into employment this year

  21. Those cases aren’t handled in-house where I work, thank goodness

  22. She reminds me of my Walter. It’s soooo hard to make that decision, but know that in doing so you truly are thanking her for the companionship by ending her pain. I kept our Walter going as long as I could. When you know, you know. Saying a prayer for you to get through these next few days.

  23. I do know. It’s just fucking horrible, isn’t it?

  24. My best friend Willa’s quality of life has declined a lot over the past six months. This feels impossible because she does still enjoy some things, but she seems to be in a good deal of pain from arthritis and dementia. We’ve treated her with laser therapy, supplements and meds and I feel guilty that I don’t feel we can go much further. Along with showing signs of pain like crying and panting, she also often seems confused and agitated.

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