1. Biology, I do not recommend this major for anyone who doesn’t end up in medical school. The only thing you could do with the bachelors degree alone is become a high school science teacher. If you want to do something more “lucrative” you could go into research, maybe industry, but they’re looking more for chemistry/biochemistry graduates, and even then you’d need a Ph.D.

  2. I know a girl, who is trying to be a med influencer but has yet to apply or take her MCAT. Her bio says “aspiring XYZ niche specialty” and she constantly posts about how she is Brains and Beauty

  3. Damn wth. Insecurities really do come out and it’s evident when they start attacking others. You tried your best, and handled it well.

  4. This post is like every rate my professor review. Most of the reviews you’ll see are the negative ones. Why? Because people are more likely to speak up when things are bad. I encourage everyone reading to take this post with a fat grain of salt, because your schooling, work/life balance and friendships/relationships are highly location, school and individual dependent. If you do suffer from a mental health issue, seek help continuously, don’t wait until med school to do so.

  5. We don’t hate you, congrats. I like Abigail scholars because it’s free, but personally I wouldn’t want to be stuck in primary care/psychiatry.

  6. My friend got a post rejection app review and the adcom told him that not having a committee letter is what hurt him most. If your school offers a letter and you don’t have a good excuse as to why you don’t have one you should get it.

  7. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. It’s certainly tough when you have to make a tough decision like this. You’re not a failure at all. You have got to do what’s best for you, and that means one that lets you live physically, mentally and emotionally at peace as much as possible. We are always here for you and should you decide to come back, you’re welcome with open arms. Best of luck <3

  8. Imo no. Don’t think it would be too useful.

  9. I think chilling is a much better option instead of studying. I’ve never taken anatomy before and haven’t found anatomy to be too awful. It might just be the way our curriculum is set up but it’s manageable. Anki+spending a few hours in lab before an exam is more than enough to succeed.

  10. I just thought it would be a fun summer course because I really like anatomy

  11. This is going to sound blunt. Don’t choose a school based on your partners needs. You’re the one going to suffer through medical school, they do not get a say. You spent time and money applying and as much as you may care about him, it’s up to you and you only. Choosing DO over MD is one of the worst decisions one could make in this field. You can make excuses as to why a DO school is better but at the end of the day, it’s not. It’s sad but it’s the reality, it likely won’t change for a long time. Do yourself and your career the favor and attend the school of your choice regardless of anyone else. I wish you the best of luck.

  12. I kinda did both, im in one “cookie-cutter” club, but I’m in 3 other clubs I actually enjoy😌

  13. What are the most common cookie cutter clubs?

  14. Typically clubs that say “pre-med” in their names or those that cater mainly to “pre-med” students. Meaningful organizations are ones that pique your interests.

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