1. I went alone last year and loved it! Traveled from Phoenix to Vegas for it. It was a great opportunity to learn and network and meet a ton of the pros! I also got a lot out of the small group posing sessions.

  2. i actually just moved to phx and am looking for friends who are into bodybuilding!! do you care if i pm you?!

  3. i was a division one athlete for track, but it wasn’t my main sport. soccer was. i played competitively for 15 years and hated every damn second of it. i only played because i felt like i had to. but when i stumbled into track as a high school sophomore, i fell in love immediately. it retaught me everything i thought i knew about sports and myself and it genuinely was my outlet. i ended up being decent at it and suddenly found myself wearing a uniform at a college i always wanted to represent as a little girl. i was determined to be the best athlete i could be. until one morning at practice, i was abruptly injured so badly that it was career ending. i’ve known love and heartache before, but it was nothing compared to this (and still isn’t).

  4. Sometimes they fall on the same weekend every year if you look at this years calendar you can get an approximate timeline, like third weekend of April or whatever. Can also email promotors and see if they have a date, they just won't put it out there till everything is finalized etc.

  5. thank you so much, this is really helpful!! i have noticed most start around march/april, but i wanted to ask around early so i could do a longer prep instead of rush a 12 week one since this would be my first show. i really appreciate your insight!

  6. welcome to the club :( my fiance chose a school a little over four hours away. i have an amazing career in our hometown & im finishing up my masters for the next year and a half while we live separate for the first time in years. i’m moving him out there next week and my life has already been turned upside down the past few months trying to get everything ready.

  7. Let's fucking go this response seriously rocked. I hope everything works out for you guys and I hope you absolutely blossom in the meantime!

  8. i’m so glad this could help in anyway, and thank you for the kind words. i wish the absolute best for you and your relationship as well.

  9. i love it! what style is this? i’ve seen it on a few others but can’t remember the exact name

  10. its not just a house my guy its a part of a 60s cold war era underground fallout shelter

  11. yuppp. its underneath a regular house and is on sale right now too (or at least was)

  12. gotta just start posting the weird stuff ON the company accounts. gets WAY more engagement than any infographic.

  13. i was joking with a web director in my department about how i absolutely despise facebook and she stopped and said “wait… don’t you do that for work?” later i told my boss about the conversation and she laughed & couldn’t agree more with me. its refreshing to know that everyone here seems to be on the same page.

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