1. Why y'all finding it hard to stop Haaland? Is he that much of a threat while playing against him? Usually I don't find him that much of a threat to play against. Sure, he is hard to stop while he is near/inside the box, but it is not impossible to stop him

  2. Haaland was a beast that year literally comes on as a sub and scores a hattrick in my online matches. Soon you'll begin to fear him.

  3. Yeah, i know how dangerous was he during the pes21 Era due to speed spammers. But during ef22 and 23, i feel he isn't as dangerous as he used to be.

  4. I have him... But he doesn't perform for me that much tho... Any tips on how to use him? I find him hard to dribble with

  5. Americans probably be a better script for the same episode the same time as ronaldo fans

  6. Vamshi othutaan pola high pitched squirrel noises

  7. I hope for it... I ain't Hannibal lecter 🥲🤣🤣

  8. Aki using power's breast pads? Man, I should read the manga again

  9. Fujimoto hid the fact that Aki was a trans all along

  10. i bought all potw packs and didnt even get a mbap🫤my best packs were hernandez and fcking modric

  11. i got him and i can say i rather my base kimmich

  12. Base modric is far better than base kimmich, if you are talking about attacking. And he is a good defensive option too, but kimmich is better in that department. But Modric us nowhere near the level you're making him to be, especially the current card.

  13. So you need to understand a bit of history to know the real problem which is kinda most white people.

  14. RK Suresh IMHO. He has the look the physics and the skin tone of tamil king chola.

  15. Embittu irukkuthu aasa from a random udai na movie

  16. Yeah... But the hearing the song made me think it would have some nice scenery

  17. Yes sir. Big United fan here. Would definitely love to have him or RVN or even Robson on the team for that matter. But well I'm a FTP so it sucks lol.

  18. Yeah, they should have given the same probability as iconics(practically). It's too rare to pull those epic cards nowadays

  19. To each his own bro, I respect your views, if you wanna watch your fav actor go ahead that's your choice.. Similarly if you've watched that video, there are some points/facts that he raises which are undeniable..

  20. The periya clear was actually autocorrected from periya velar, also known as Malayamaan, if I'm not wrong.

  21. Periya velar and malayaman are two different characters. Malayaman is karikalan's thatha whereas Periya velar is vaanathi's periyappa.

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