1. I’ve had way more luck with AT&T fiber. It’s been about a year and we only had one issue and it was an issue with the equipment. Cox was always dropping on us.

  2. Unfortunately ATT Fiber is not available every where. Waiting on Wyyerd

  3. Absolutely. Insulate and wrap everything you can. If you're using IBCs, insulate. When you start building your greenhouse, insulate. The goal with aquaponics is year round production of something so you can rotate crops with the seasons and keep some things growing all the time.

  4. Thanks for the reply, plan on insulating everything. I will be using IBC’s, like Rob Bob’s chop n flip build with a solids filter. Here is the plan, but am second guessing to put the whole system on one side versus having the fish tank on the north side of the of the shed

  5. They look like purple pod snow peas. Steam til tender crisp or add to stir fries. Not sure if they need stringing. The purple type is new to me. Pod is edible so don't shell them.

  6. Thanks, looks to be that and exactly what my wife needed

  7. YW. I don't know if they respond the same way but I've grown purple green beans in the past. Those turn bright green when cooked so I wouldn't be surprised if that happens to your snow peas.

  8. I've had mine on for several months now and haven't noticed any significant drop in MPG. I believe they're only slightly heavier than the stock geolanders I had on it previously. I haven't taken them off road much but for what I have I was pretty happy with their handling of mud so far and they don't make much road noise. I would recommend them.

  9. Tinted windows, rain guards, rear bumper protector, door sill protectors,weathertec mats, oem rear seat and cargo area protectors, trailer hitch, dash cam, color match interior vent inserts, color match iphone cable, console cubby insert and coin pocket insert for the fuse cover (my garage door opener fits nicely in there now). And a custom painted drink tumbler and front license plate. The only thing left and on the docket for this summer is 1.5 inch lift and slightly more aggressive off road tires.

  10. Which dash cam did you choose? Front and rear? May I have a picture of placement? Thanks

  11. You have one of the last ever! They are no longer developing plug-in hybrids and hybrid is dead completely in North America for MY24 (but still available in Japan as non-plugin).

  12. You are correct, as my wife and I were doing the paperwork, 3 people came in asking for it

  13. Hmm, I wasn't thinking worms or anything. To me it almost looks like the beginning of an infection maybe. Was that top spot soft?

  14. They have an abundance of layer pellets, I throw some scratch feed every day, is there anything else I should be doing?

  15. It’s consistent, but I’m not sure which chicken it is. I have two white leghorns, two Rhode Island reds, a black sextant, a polish, and a silkie. Their eggs look like

  16. Id of the right one? I really like that one

  17. Lophocereus schottii monstros obesus

  18. Thanks guys, to be continued when flowered

  19. My heart and wallet feel your pain. Paid a grand to remove a tooth with three roots. He's now the loving little boob I always knew he was.

  20. Thanks, it was exactly that much for two teeth, blood work, and medication. Rocky has been through a lot, a couple years ago he had hyperthyroidism. A little kitty chemo and all good.

  21. You should become a member and go to the monthly meetings

  22. 4077 says:

    They're so cheap that I would rather find something that has a known usage instead of guessing on if they used potentially hazardous chemicals.

  23. Idk where you are, but they range from $250-$450 depending on how far you want to travel to get it.

  24. Never a convenient cop when you need one

  25. Dude, check your camera and turn on image stabilization if it's an option. Smooths out the motion-sickness inducing wobblies. :)

  26. It’s an older camera, there is no stabilization. :(

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