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  1. I think he's joking- it looks like the water pack for his backpack

  2. he said on tiktok he just likes to chew on stuff, like his necklace, so he just chews on that instead

  3. Don’t be a condescending prick next time

  4. If someone watched Madoka Magica when they were depressed, they would be even more depressed

  5. Implying the police will go along with anything they themselves don't find worth doing.

  6. From what I know,it’s like a cycle.He earns money on yt and gives money he earns away to mostly people subscribed to him, can’t do one without the other.

  7. I like how hes promoting charity, but hes essentially glamorizing it "lets give 10k to a random person in walmart"

  8. My comment might be at the top of controversial, but I tried to watch his videos and I just can’t stand them.

  9. I'm watching the transformation of society into a culture war

  10. once she started shufflin on the table I knew it was about to get lit

  11. It’s PTSD from watching all the school shootings over the past years. It’s a real problem and it’s a real problem

  12. conversely some kids pulled a prank bc they thought they might have the rest of the day off.

  13. What the fuck, that's horrible can't we just figure out how to prevent these fights from happening?

  14. Running of the Fools . Hey whatever floa Burns your barrel.

  15. Not even close to the most dangerous - that'd be the cheese chasing down a fucking big hill. Broken bones every time at the cheese chase

  16. black shirt started with her hands down, a surefire sign this was her first rodeo

  17. just like people on reddit with a fetish for their own ideology

  18. And the amount of times I reply to the same text signifies how impaired I am right?

  19. We’re talking about the feeling of being in danger in the moment. Knowing your vulnerabilities but not being able to do anything about them if something were to happen right then.

  20. It's like when you're walking around outside, you could get killed by a car at any point.

  21. The thing is, it may be expensive but it doesn't look expensive... so unless someone is really into watches, they'll just think a guy is trying to flex over a watch that's maybe a couple hundred bucks, not a few thousand.

  22. it only takes a few creative criminals to make a video about easy to rob watches.

  23. The words man and woman have nothing to do with biology, your "man living as a female but not a biological woman" is so hilariously wrong, female is a biological term, woman is not. I think in addition to learning biology you should probably also learn English.

  24. do you really hope to convince anyone of anything good with this type of purposely inflammatory wordage?

  25. This has to be in Wisconsin right? There can’t be too many places you can get Menards labeled sprecher.

  26. A disgusting amount of soda. Probably doesn’t drink water at all..

  27. Amazes me that even with the flashing lights the driver was so unaware of the pedestrians crossing.

  28. Not our fault they're weak and gotta run to drugs.

  29. 😞 I bet you would have kicked the guy sleeping on the ground

  30. No - that’s not what I’m saying at all. I personally have a lot of experience in fitness and dieting and people on Reddit often speak very confidently about something they know very little about/have very little experience in. I’m not entirely sure why you’re being so hostile - did I offend you in someway?

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