1. That's one ugly shit stained comment what a words (okay that second part didn't work out so well)

  2. this is a public housing block tho, it’s government subsidized and the rent is relatively cheap (around 300USD)

  3. Judging form the appearance, these are HOS (Home Ownership Scheme). The waiting time for public housing is very long and there are income limits.

  4. How do you distinguish HOS blocks from the public housing blocks? I live in Hong Kong too but I can’t spot the differences between the two

  5. No wonder the hongkong pips are coming to UK in large numbers..🇭🇰🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🧧🇬🇧🐕🐈🥢🍤🦐🐲

  6. I agree with all except for public opinion. It would be nice for the public to express their opinion. However, their active reactions should be togglable because it usually frusturates rather than challenging and mostly biased to certain point of view.

  7. same thing happened to me and now my pc won’t even detect my switch when plugged in

  8. Add another station where both lines runs in parallel too if possible, and do another cross platform interchange but in the opposite direction, something like this

  9. I don't know about sexual tension, but if someone you met is mirroring your body language it can indicate attraction

  10. i had this problem! turn off "Automatic Colour Correction Override" in the 'Render It!' Settings

  11. I think that there may actually be a chance where sm will promote him in Hong Kong. Local singers and groups have been emerging in HK recently and maybe sm would like to test the waters in the lucrative cantopop market with Lucas, unlikely but still possible.

  12. I mean he did admit to pasing his audition without showing any singing or dancing skills, so it was clear from the very beginning that his role was visual. In variety outside of WayV he had the huge drawback of not being good at Korean, which was noticeable even to non-speakers. He was funny though.

  13. as someone from hk it sounds like that he was speaking cantonese when he spoke korean 💀

  14. When I did it there was an extremely annoying kid that seemingly kept making up to date videos that he knows are going to get taken down. Half the videos are him trying to be a celebrity, a quarter of them are him beat boxing and singing, the remaining quarter is useful info. I honestly felt like every guide online that I found helpful was strategically missing some step to avoid takedown, as I found success by combining info from three written guides and the latest bit from that insufferable YouTube kid. I just never found one guide with all the steps complete in one place.

  15. Idk why but it's absolutely hilarious how kpop stans don't realize why a korean pop idol labeling LNY as Chinese new year could be problematic. All the while defending it with "well everyone in the west calls it CNY!!".

  16. Yeah but when kpop idols says something that is culturally insensitive in a western perspective, people get really mad here. The hypocrisy

  17. Who among us hasn’t spent an afternoon hanging out at the local interstate truck stop.

  18. Basically you dont need to pay for the online subscription for free-to-play games, such as Rocket League, Fall Guys etc. Though checking the description of Rocket League on the eShop, it does say that if you want to use Nintendo Cloud Saves, you'd need to have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership ... so it's worth checking on a game by game basis just so you dont get any nasty surprises.

  19. Sorry, but this is a question for Google, not reddit

  20. I do it, then I realize I'm following a little girl to school and feel like a creep and stop.

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