1. I also enjoy drinking noff, chairs

  2. hello legless, i'm pr dunk so legless in spirit... chaiiirrsss m8

  3. chaiiirs.. are you an opera singer?

  4. Lol the Halloween sound thing getting triggered makes it that much better

  5. Been better, person im seeing just heavily insinuating i'm a loser for not living life the way they think i should..

  6. Unless you’re a mean pos who treats people like shit, you’re not a loser. It’s as simple as that

  7. this should be rated R at a minimum

  8. Many awkward lols to be had from the jokers for sure. Chairsss

  9. I love every single thing when I’m drunk

  10. While he may not mind, him saying you don’t need to pregame sounds like he may not be as much of an alcoholic… that’s all I got

  11. Okay so I’ve done some research and I’m hearing that “officially” it’s supposed to be caramel popcorn???? Mine def did NOT taste anything like that. I’ve seen a lot of other people say it tastes like red bull or blue raspberry gum. I’ve seen others say that it is different every time, which is why some people get the sweet fruity flavor and others get a butterscotch or caramel popcorn flavor. So in conclusion I have no fucking idea lol

  12. Interesting.. I wondered if it was different every time or not. This reminds me of the airheads mystery flavor. So we’re nowhere closer to solving this mystery then. Just gonna have to drink more of it until we figure it out

  13. Golden monkeys are always pleasant considering their ABV :) chairs!

  14. Yeah, we’re Jewish so technically we have to fast from Tuesday evening to Wednesday evening, which is why I was offered a dinner out tonight instead. :)

  15. So gd gross but at least Usman gives some cringe lols

  16. I thought someone yelled outside my house

  17. half the time i'm you, the other half i'm the idiot

  18. Am I drunk or am I starting to maybe slightly believe Mo has changed

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