1. The negative is that I found those minority units often collapse and completed disappear after intense battles, leaving your armies under-manned and requiring annoying amount of micro to build new units then move them over to replace the dead units.

  2. Surprisingly a lot of popular Chinese manhuas focus on gay relationships. So I guess not?

  3. Bang clarie so Chris have to protect you if he wants the redfield line to continue

  4. Would we get an email to vote on Computershare or do we have to keep checking the website to see when we can vote?

  5. If you use discord, you should get into the GFM discord and suggest it there!

  6. seen, lots of people use the 4 star sword, not sure why either, the stigmatas gives bonus damage for teammates so they can buff Kiana who will be the main dps dealing damage I assume.

  7. Played as the Greyjoys, immediately declared independence, mad king give in and let me go cause his weak, start raiding the reach while they busy helping Aerys, start building up Pyke and man-at-arms with the raid loots and increasing crown authority, when robert wins the war, I could take on the the westernland and riverland army and can raid forever in those regions, 10-15 years in, I basically maxed out on reaver and crossbow man-at-arms and none of the lord paramounts can take me.

  8. Well, they for sure don't sell it, but there are actual official

  9. They are selling the art book in China on their official onlineshop on Taobao, but it's Chinese language only. They also sell Chinese language physical second eruption manga as well.

  10. Yes. I do know that. The link I mentioned? It was the 2nd eruption manga.

  11. yep I saw your link after I made the comment already. but yeah they sell the art book like the manga.

  12. I always try auto first for 10s, if no match were found, I create a team and try search for 10s, if no one joins I go back to auto and repeat.

  13. I imagine letting the stock run then shorting it back down, but who knows what they would do.

  14. Elysia also came from the honkai similar to Jesus from god. She died to bring humanity to honkai (herrshers) like jesus dying to atone for human's sins (for Adam and Eve stealing the apple of Eden from god) so god would love humans again.

  15. I choose Lumine (not my gender) in GS as my MC, but can't of regretting it now cause kinda I want abyss princess Lumine over abyss Prince Aether.

  16. kazan or great horde to burn europe to the ground

  17. Also Manga’s for honkai 3rd like second eruption and azure waters are good that can help you better understand the lore and story better.

  18. I read it on this website, not sure if it is an official website or not but most honkai manga is on it

  19. Got it done with PE, Senti, Gresio. Just build sp while getting 3 stacks of blackhole then ult with gresio first then senti then pop blackhole and then ult and do dps with PE.

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