1. He raped a girl and she’s been trying to get people to believe for her years. Now he does this? I just can’t imagine

  2. Henry Cavill. Jason Momoa. Jeff Goldblum. Jensen Ackles. Harry Styles. Idris Elba.

  3. “Not that I was looking for your approval Susan, but I like to be prepared for any situation that might come our way.”

  4. This exact comment. I’d like to be prepared for something like that than have it come as a surprise and be completely lost and unprepared

  5. I’m still in my first trimester (10 weeks, A1C of 8 when I found out about pregnancg a month ago) and this post and your most recent one gave me so much hope. I was a passively suicidal uncontrolled diabetic up until I found out and I’ve been feeling so guilty but trying my best to control my numbers.

  6. Oh wow. I’m so happy I could help. I wish you nothing but the best for you and your little one!! Feel free to reach out anytime if you need to ♥️

  7. Watch it. it’s based on a true and very interesting story about a black cop in Colorado infiltrating the kkk by becoming a member.

  8. Yesss. It’s such a great movie. It was definitely weird seeing him play that role when you’re so used to seeing him as Eric Forman lol

  9. I had a somewhat small baby too and we used Grovia all-in-one newborn diapers starting from 3 days old, they worked well for us. Lasted about 8 weeks. I'd say it depends on your budget, might be more cost effective to just wait until she fits the normal sized ones.

  10. I think that’s what I’m going to end up doing. She seems to be gaining weight pretty quickly

  11. My baby was three weeks early, about 6lbs, and stayed 1-2 percentile for the first few months. We were lucky enough to borrow a friends newborn stash - she had big babies and was only able to use them for the first month. We got a solid three months use out of them! I really enjoyed them but probably would have just used disposables til he fit in regular diapers if I had had to buy my own cloth newborn diapers.

  12. This is honestly what I’ll probably end up doing. She is so freaking tiny lol

  13. If you have a c section, they’ll shave ya lol. Had my baby 3 weeks ago and there I was, sprawled out on the table, numb as hell, and the nurse was shaving me lol

  14. Did she do a good job? Should I just wait for the nurse to do it versus doing it myself? 🤣

  15. I’d wait lol. I honestly couldn’t tell if she did a good job of it. I’m 3 weeks PP and still can’t tell lol. Got too much going on down there still

  16. I can’t even read this because my girl is getting older and I get super emotional about it but I just want to say that chewy definitely has the best customer service! We got a random hand painted portrait of our Great Pyrenees from someone at chewy. It was so thoughtful.

  17. I’d lose my shit. Don’t even care the age of said child

  18. I’ve been reading the outsider and goddamn it’s good

  19. In the nicu they use these little pillows filled with like corn or similar that keeps them from rolling. Irl you could try using rolled towels on each side. I personally used a snoo crib that has you put them in a special sleep sack that is attached to the bottom of the bassinet mattress, and it forces them to back sleep.

  20. That’s what I’ve thought about doing but it just makes me so damn paranoid lol. She was in NICU and that’s what they used for her so idk why it makes me so paranoid

  21. That's the newborn curl. It's a reflex that will go away on its own. It's very unlikely she can actually finish the roll. They aren't strong enough.

  22. I have an older kiddo but can’t remember shit from when he was a newborn lol.

  23. I have 14 tattoos and have never had an issue. I also heal really quickly

  24. It’s so different pregnant. But thankfully I had her and I don’t have ever deal with that again lol

  25. i don’t have meds yet cuz i’m not diagnosed diabetic yet 😵‍💫 but thank u for the advice

  26. When I was prediabetic, they put me on metformin. I also can’t resist hot Cheetos. Especially the extra hot ones 🤤

  27. Two pregnancies and zero cravings. I was so mad lol

  28. T2 diabetes also has a genetic component to it.

  29. This is what people don’t understand the most. Thank you. Everyone thinks type 2 is due to being overweight and eating like shit

  30. A pack of diapers for us. And I usually cloth but she’s too tiny right now so it’s even less than a pack of diapers usually

  31. Sams club has $5 off adult discrete diapers starting on Wednesday and that’s when we’re buying them lol

  32. Apparently mine aren’t very discrete because husband and I went somewhere and I bent over and you could see the giant outline of my diaper 🤣. He and my son also poke fun of it and son always asks if I need to change my diaper like baby sister lol.

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