Women of Reddit. What NSFW questions do you have for men that you are too embarrassed to ask in person?

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  1. Personally, as long as it’s neat and clean. As I’m sure you wouldn’t want a curly hair stuck in your throat, we don’t either. So no, you don’t have to be bald. Just find a happy medium

  2. What about the rest of the body? Down there I don’t have a problem shaving, but I have hair EVERYWHERE. like I’m literally Sasquatch. I wish I could get all of my hair follecules removed!

  3. You make a good point. I was telling myself for awhile that I needed to do it for other people but now I think it would actually be the most helpful to myself because it would relieve a lot of anxiety. Thank you!

  4. A piñata, with candy in it too. I made a lot of friends when I did that! And also got to turn away some people who were assholes to me in the past

  5. Honestly winterfold would be so sick if it were a fog situation like the mist, I’m hoping we get at least one game with a family of characters, though. And maybe salim’s son will make an appearance! If he does, I bet everyone will be doing anything and everything to keep him alive.

  6. Lore wise it would not make sense. Since it implies House of Ashes takes place after Winter Fold and there is no way Salim's son can make an appearance, due to Salim's son stealing it shows that he is still in Iraq. But Winterfold takes place outside of Iraq.

  7. I know that the timing doesn’t add up (sadly) but I do remember something about salims son attending a school nearby one of the settings for the upcoming games? I might be wrong though

  8. Honestly I have to say NOPE. Jordan peele is incredible and while I personally liked Us a bit more, I also cannot stop thinking about NOPE, to the point that I see it everywhere and everything reminds me of it. The more I think about it, the better it gets, and I think that’s kind of rare for a lot of movies that I’ve seen. It was an incredible watching experience, total spectacle, but also one of the most horrifying I’ve ever seen (as much as I love it, I swore never to see it in the theatre again because of one… mm.. scene that messed with me BAD. never in my life as a horror fan have I even wanted to leave the theater, but 10 more seconds of this one scene and I was gonna be out of there. And I’m not talking about the oo oo a a scene, I’m talking about the MMM scene lmao)

  9. So underrated! My dad and I watched it together and frequently reference the duct tape/grenade scene lol.

  10. Yeah. It would be goofy if in this one after each death he’s like “ayo I did that lol”

  11. Is it just me or does he look like the curator??

  12. I was thinking the exact same thing, this is the season 1 finale so if they wanted to dig deeper into the curators role in universe this would be the best time to do so. In MoM, there is a book Fliss finds with the devil in me's logo that is all about satanic rituals. The curator could have created this replica of HH's house to make a deal with the devil to basically become what he is to us now. It could work out logistically because all of the games we play are technically just stories he is telling us so there wouldn't be an issue with the timeline. It would be a cool origin story, and that could also be the big twist of this game!

  13. Yessss!!! This game is the perfect opportunity to have a shocking reveal about the curator before the next season!

  14. If the killer is possessed by a demon hiding it in a quote is really clever. I do hope it's just a slasher tho. A lot of people want a slasher game and I do too but I want it to be this one. The other titles sound like they have great monster potential. Also intercession seems to be the demon possession game.

  15. I like the idea that there are multiple antagonists working together, that would be cool. Especially if the whole time you think it’s one guy (Du’Met) but it’s revealed that the hotel/possibly island is swarming with H.H. Holmes fanboys and fan girls lol.

  16. I've seen a lot of people here say that a dpa game about rich people paying to hunt the poor would be cool. Maybe this could be similar to that

  17. Yes! My DREAM game from supermassive is a

  18. The Zodiac Killer. There's so much mystery surrounding them they could easily shoehorn in whatever explanation they like for who/what they are.

  19. I liked hereditary more… I think I missed something in eeaao because I just didn’t like it. It felt stretched out to me idk. I don’t get why everyone liked it so much but maybe I missed something idk

  20. I must have died on the USS Indianapolis

  21. Jacob. Mike isn’t that bad, I like them both, but Mike isn’t my favorite in Until Dawn, I would say Jacob is my favorite in The Quarry. And Jacob has WAYYY better death scenes, Mike has like 2 deaths back-to-back at the very end of the game. (Even if this is to save one of them, I’m using that as a factor lol)

  22. here I was wondering the whole time if I was the only one noticing that Jacob had the most fleshed out (pun intended) deaths lmao

  23. Emily did nothing wrong. Emma didnt either really but I find her more annoying. Plus gotta stan our Asian baddie queen so I vote Emily.

  24. Emma is more annoying AND she chose to kiss her best friend’s crush right in front of her and her own recent ex bf 😭

  25. Don’t think so, I think it just adds a potential death scene for him (which is drowning after dropping it in the lake after Emma’s little troll move)

  26. Poor Jacob. Would have been cool if he could get the rotor arm and get the car working. Then we could have had an alternate car/car crash scene but instead of Laura, Travis, and Ryan it could be Jacob and some of the other counselors

  27. What they did with Dylan on the scrapyard was good on its own. I think it should have been Jacob honestly, give the man the chance to at least fix the night by killing the cause of the reason the night was a mess. Ryan story should have ended when he killed Chris since his blind trust on him was his “character arc”.

  28. You know what, you’re right about Jacob! I would have loved to see him turn the night around. My first playthrough I was able to see Jacob tell Emma the truth about what he did (some people say that was a “secret” ending? Idk why) and while it was nice to see him open up, it would have been nicer to be able to have him actually take more action. If you get the rotor arm from the lake, does it actually change anything? I haven’t done that yet

  29. A Clue style murder mystery where the killer changes every playthrough based on your decisions

  30. This is 100% my FAVORITE game idea for them. It would be ridiculously fun and have you on your toes throughout every playthrough, instead of being spoiled and knowing who the killer is from either the internet or a previous playthrough. maybe it’s a group of friends placed into a high stress situation where there’s a lot of doubt within each other (I’m thinking of the new movie Bodies Bodies Bodies, which kind of plays with this concept) and based on your choices, even in conversations that seem mundane, other characters could be more inclined to kill you/attack you/kill other characters. Or even a game where each playthrough randomly selects a character to be the killer would be awesome!

  31. this would have to be an Until Dawn-level project for it to be any good tbh…

  32. Yeah, I agree. It might not even be possible, or if it is, it’s probably too complicated idk. It would take a lot of work for sure

  33. Righttt, the writing was so forced, like the way she kept calling the main character “babe” every sentence.

  34. RIGHT?! And the cringey lines being like “I’m a fucking final girl!” had me laughing so hard. Also, (Spoilers obviously) the ending twist made no sense to me. Somehow Quincy couldn’t recognize the difference between a tall, intimidating, strong and muscular man and a timid, shy and mouse-like mental institution escapee?? The author really had ZERO faith in the intelligence of Quincy. also the description on the last page of the girl from the latest massacre was so uncomfortable to read… she was described as being fairly pretty but “no knockout” and that she would be easy to overlook in a crowd. And I’m pretty sure she was 17 or so

  35. God, don’t remind me. 😩 it’s very clear that the author doesn’t really understand women, horror, suspense or basic human interaction. I don’t know why this book rubbed me so wrong, like it’s not even the worst thing in the world, but it felt like it thought it was so smart.

  36. I think that’s what made it so infuriating. A book with similar flaws but was less pretentious and egotistical would be different. This one was so overly confident in thinking it was incredible and groundbreaking that it gave me secondhand embarrassment lol. I’m surprised people actually like it

  37. I’ve been desperately scouring the internet for people talking about this scene and how horrifying it was because I’ve been physically sick since I saw it. I need to not feel alone after having seen this. This was legit possibly the scariest thing ive ever seen in a movie.

  38. I 1000% agree. I consider myself a big horror fan and I can typically deal with watching what a lot of people would call very disturbing but I’ve never even considered leaving a theater from fear and never lost a significant amount of sleep after watching. The chimp scenes were scary for sure, but NOTHING compares to the digestion scene. I seriously was about to get up and leave because I couldn’t take the sounds and visuals anymore— they were just SO dreadful. Plus, I got no sleep the night after, and I’m still trying to find other people with a similar reaction so I don’t feel like the only one

  39. I’ve heard theories that Winterfold might be an outbreak of some kind. But the only one I’m really confident in is Directive 8020 taking place in space or being about aliens

  40. I would LOVE a clue style Murder mystery where the killer and who dies is different each playthrough. I understand that would be a nightmare to write and program — but a fella can wish? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  41. This would be SO fun. So far the characters in the games have changed based on choices you make but as far as I’ve seen, the antagonist always remains the same. I definitely think changing that to either be random or to be based off of your choices would be so much more fun to play. It would be so cool if it were random, that way you would really have less control and predictability

  42. Maybe a firefighting thing. Like you play as a fire captain leading your team into different fires and your choices decide who lives and dies since while protecting yourself you have to give your team instructions too. There'd havta be another mystery plot somewhere tho since these games should have more branching than just who dies

  43. The mystery could be a whodunnit where it seems like one of the fires was set on purpose and you have to figure out who did it

  44. NTA, If anything I think that you SHOULD be able to prioritize your relationship over your friendship with J. You have the right to want to talk to your girlfriend, especially considering the time restraints you mentioned due to her conscription. J seems to be possessive over you and they need to realize that you are your own person who has the right to choose who you want to spend your time with/talking to. Just because you spend 10 minutes talking to your girlfriend doesn’t mean that your friendship with J isn’t important to you or is less valued. J needs to come to terms with the fact that they’re not the only person in your life

  45. Somebody said Winterfold will be about a family trying to survive a zombie outbreak in a city/town. Don’t know whether it’s true or not, but if it is, it sounds like it could be fun.

  46. I like the idea of the playable characters being a family (instead of a diverse group with different upbringings). I think that would make some dynamics more tense and even make the game feel more risky (like if you accidentally kill off a parent or something)

  47. Or a child, but I don’t know if Supermassive would go that route cause seeing children die multiple times would no doubt get the game banned/censored. Unless the kid(s) have only one or two deaths each like Mary/Megan. 💀

  48. Does anyone know how old Caleb is in the Quarry? that’s the closest I can think of for them using kids lol. maybe there could be a different kind of threat for the kid(s) like possession or something, so the stakes are still high but without them having to make a gruesome death. Because yeah that would be pretty awful

  49. Last movie I watched was the black phone now that would definitely be interesting as a game

  50. But imagine getting to play as the different victims, and then based on what you discover you get to choose what piece of advice to give to Finney, and then playing as Finney in a final chapter or something

  51. Hell yeah!! Great movie. Also nice username lol

  52. But if she is, hopefully it’s a bunker like that one redditor’s girlfriend!

  53. No way omg I haven’t seen that but it sounds insane

  54. They were living together and the girl gf was, like, vacuuming or something and moved a rug to find a trap door that led to a secret bunker that her gf had been maintaining for years and never mentioned. It was a ride— she posted the discovery in real time, which was great. I’m not good enough at Reddit to find it for you though, sorry!

  55. It’s okay lol! Your summary was pretty good and got the general idea across so thank you! But geez that sounds horrifying. Horror movie level stuff going on there

  56. You never hear anyone talk about it? It’s like the original teen slasher film, and it’s got one of the most iconic lines in horror.

  57. Of course the world doesn’t center around me but I’m just saying that I have never in my life (even as a horror fan) heard anyone other than me talk about it except on obscure horror sites and pages

  58. I know there’s more than just this but the first thing that came to mind was literally everything in Would You Rather (2012)

  59. For whatever reason when I was like 13 I became obsessed with reading Wikipedia plot summaries of horror movies. When I was on a trip to San Francisco I decided to read the summary of Would You Rather and to be honest, it traumatized me and ruined the entire trip. I was definitely too young to be reading stuff like that

  60. NTA, you shouldn’t have to deal with such disrespect from your employer, and staying two more weeks without being obligated to would most likely be miserable. You did the right thing by alerting your boss, because E. Coli in food service is very dangerous. I almost feel like your boss’s reaction is indicative of them knowing something was up with the sanitation in the workplace but idk

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