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  1. What if it was Stephan’s blood that was used to make Elena a vampire?

  2. I'm sorry i didnt understand your question haha

  3. I love my family but I’m so confused about how much you have been doing

  4. I mean as much as I love og charmed, maybe she wants some diversity on her screen

  5. Most insurance carriers don’t cover work related driving. Depends on the state and if you have special endorsements for it.

  6. These are exactly the type of responses I expected from Reddit. You guys don’t disappoint

  7. Butter chicken, cooked carrots and mashed potatoes

  8. I have a problem with just about all reality tv and game shows, but "Is It Cake?" takes the cake. Bad premise and the judges are so far away it's basically a random guess. The Big Bang Theory gets a very close second.

  9. I eat it on most meals. I would die without it.

  10. I’m actually pretty tough because of it. But I can go numb at times.

  11. Riley wasn’t a bad guy, he just made some bad choices. He was good for Buffy for a while there.

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