1. Here's the full article from The Athletic, which this excerpt was taken from.

  2. Most electric player to watch in the league right now. Can't keep my eyes of Bears games even though the one league I own him in I am nowhere near the playoffs.

  3. He's simply fun to watch. At any given moment, he could dart down the Field with his legs or throw a bomb down Field.

  4. Daniel Bellinger passed the eye test which is why he was back.

  5. He has almost as many 4th quarter comeback wins as the amount trips he’s taken around the sun.

  6. Bunch of Lenny/White owners trying to shit on each other probably.

  7. Brady still actively the GOAT of game ending drives/comebacks

  8. He’s undisputed GOAT in come from behind 4th quarter comebacks as of now.

  9. I could’ve sworn I saw him celebrating with White. Unless he came from the sidelines after the play which is possible too

  10. Fournette definitely embraced White during the TD celly

  11. Me trading Justin Fields, Kenneth Walker, Christian Watson and Garrett Wilson for Nick Chubb, Jaylen Waddle, Kareem Hunt and Geno Smith will go down as the dumbest trade in history.

  12. Take solace that you wouldn’t have been able to use Fields (bye), Walker (injured, so maybe or maybe not) and Watson (bye) next week anyways.

  13. 54-19 is the 1074th unique Scorigami in NFL history.

  14. Here's a little-known fun fact to sleep on: Joe Mixon was Samaje Perine's backup when they were teammates at Oklahoma.

  15. Did Myarick just disappear or is there something I missed?

  16. The fact I had to ask “Who?” is all we needed to know. I’d expect Bellinger to be the lead TE barring any unforeseen scheming by the Giants.

  17. 30-40% snap share isn't nothing, especially combined with the low drives per game count like the Giants. I was about to race over and switch Bellinger for Moreau thinking he was the only active TE. I think I'll stick with Moreau's 96-100% snap share until Bellinger gets worked back in from his time off.

  18. The last full healthy Bellinger game, he played 94% of snaps while Myarick played 42%. This leads me to believe he was in 2 TE sets (probably for blocking):

  19. Are Fabian and Foster related? If not, ill go with my own narrative and say they're close brothers.

  20. Zamir White is a must stash, especially if you are a Jacobs owner. Raiders usually play the late window so it's nice to have a pivot option.

  21. Raiders’ RB Josh Jacobs, listed as questionable for today due to his calf injury, will play today vs. the Chargers, per source.


  23. His fish and chips place was pretty good too.

  24. Ian Rapoport is hosting The Pat McAfee Show today and he said he expects Zonovan Knight to see "lots of fantasy yards".

  25. I was so sure he would bomb tonight I benched him. And was feeling like a genius until Q4.

  26. Right process to bench Singletary in this game. TDs are fluky especially against the top team against RBs on the ground.

  27. Why was the losing team grinding out the clock

  28. What was the snap count before Michael Carter went down?

  29. When Matt Waldman talks RBs, you should listen. Dude is the best in the fantasy football biz when it comes to scouting the position.

  30. Yup, he has weekly tape breakdowns of select players on Sunday night after the morning and afternoon slates are over.

  31. Is jelani woods for real?? he looked insane out there


  33. Gonna be so many suckers trying to pick up Jelani Woods this week, start him next week, and he gives you a dud.

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