1. My policy for mobs in minecraft is "adults die, babies grow up into adults"

  2. Thats why I kill them anyways, if i think they can grow up, they get the same treatment

  3. Has a small chance to cause stunned to anyperson in a enclosed area with coke bomb for 5 sexonds

  4. Can hit camos but not target camos is the closest I can think of rn

  5. Hive mind from dead space remake vs Post moonlord joirney mode terrarian.

  6. All the remaining druids come together and start rioting against the plasma accelerators. After a lethal battle half of both pawn and accelerator are dead(sold) and are scattered everywhere

  7. During the day, her attack cycle both changes and increases in speed. Plus you can no longer use dodges in her daytime fight making it that much more difficult. Practice the EoL fight in a world in expert/master mode to understand her enraged attack pattern as she uses it during the night aswell in siad difficulties.

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