1. Then ride off into the sunset? Oh wait it's winter

  2. What would the best "European race" for each classic D&D class be?

  3. The French would be mages. Others not sure, are any of the Europeans more brawly than the others?

  4. How do you know the terriakon in your raid is shiny?

  5. We do this with our home gym. We have 4 accounts with more than enough golden raspberries and the only houses who can reach the gym is ours and our neighbors'. Meaning they're either standing out in the cold, or spoofing. All of them give up before we reach 40 berries. Of course we only do this when they want to kick us before 8.20 - other than that we gladly leave the gym to them for at least 8.20 as well. But there are people who sometimes run through the entire suburb and colour every gym yellow. Like bro, you can't get this many coins, tone down on the ego.

  6. Yes I read and I literally answered to your UK statement saying its laughable to think that Hungary will have a PM change because of a random ass scandal. You dont understand. There is absolutely 0 chance that the news of anything scandalous will ever reach the people. Its so absurd to compare the UK PM changes to Hungary.

  7. I am sorry, may I respond once to the first individual, then leave the discussion, as it is my character as a random Hungarian Pokémon Go player that's being attacked? I understand, if it's not allowed. This discussion is already off topic enough.

  8. And that's why I would rather you continue the politics in a political sub. I'm not comfortable making a call about when this discussion crosses the line into inappropriate/uncivil/... I'd rather you continue somewhere with better suited people took ensure everyone can learn from the conversation (instead of escalating into unfortunate statements as I fear our current course may be)

  9. Same. They got some really good ones. Lickitung is a personal favorite that I use as a nickname in my English games

  10. Austria sees us as second class Europeans or worse. Someone even said in the European parlament that we are "The wild west Europe".

  11. I had the same thing tonight!

  12. That's what spotlight hour does

  13. The north pole doesn't have any land in it. It's just floating ice. After that's gone, it's only an ocean.

  14. Resources are easier to extract when you don't have to deal with shifting ice

  15. You need claim to the waters. That works by

  16. Can I get it out of there somehow? I thought it is just possible to get it again by someone else kicking it out of the gym. Cause actually this weekend I was there again and I drove past it 😅

  17. Gyms in remote locations are always tricky. Gyms in active locations can drain you of potions.

  18. Street view shows there is also a bench next to it. It's creative and something of interest. Pogomap and campfire both show very little in that area as well. Deserves a pass in my opinion. Even though it is private property it clearly is meant for the public much like a little free library, which is allowed.

  19. No. No house, especially one with a plaster facade, will have a good time with ivy.


  21. For me is catching pokemons from a raid, others such as xp I can get extra by using my lucky eggs or wait for community days, they not a big deal for me. I haven't got any if those in mega or non mega forms. I just hope I see people playing and joining me for raids in uk or my requests for remote friends accept to join my raids tomorrow. Worst just join a remote raid myself, but only have 100 coins in my wallet.

  22. Outrages in Slytherin because crest not included.

  23. What about those of us who don't even get their whole school represented in the game?

  24. Rule n1 of P-GO: if you can't GO, don't look at your radar.

  25. protecting the environment without classwar/holding the wealthy accountable leads to a world where i have to drink from paper straws while people still fly private jets.

  26. We need a packaging tax. Something based on amount of packaging vs product factoring in time to naturally decompose (with a modifier for ease of recycling).

  27. Or... You know... They don't rely on graphics to be good so they actually age more gracefully? XY took the series in the right direction in terms of graphics, but beyond that there's not much to say about them.

  28. The fact your only retort to the statements:

  29. Or you could just accept the free pokestops lmao

  30. Nah, the appeal of Niantic games is the tie-in with the real world.

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