1. i read your list of all the groups coming together like

  2. Lol. Was thinking the exact same thing before I saw your comment. What about the dweebies? 😜

  3. seems like a crown that Los Nerdes Verdes would wear with pride

  4. I wouldn't mind a Austin Cincy finals just to play you again in a rematch. I was at that cold ass rainy miserable match week one. Cincinnati never played that bad after that and really improved as the season went on. So just as a measuring stick would be nice. On the flip side, fuck that and win it all Loons so we would host in the event we won the East!

  5. Where can we get stickers or shirts with this?

  6. we don’t have anything yet but are talking about it! keep an eye on the LV merch store!

  7. idk man pulling out your dick when there are children present (and pretty sure player’s kids were coming onto the field), i think that’s fair play for being in the sex offender bucket

  8. it’s Adrian Healey’s tag for him on broadcast. hope apple picks him up next year 🙏

  9. appreciate the enthusiasm, but on the screen below your ticket in seatgeek it says that no other club gear is allowed in the supporters section. please just wear a plain black tshirt if you dont want to wear austin stuff.

  10. Some are sleeping on Lake Charles, Sulphur, and some of the other SW areas. I’d recommend them in addition to Lafayette and Alexandria!

  11. amen. that’s my hometown. anywhere on the i-10 corridor between LC and Lafayette is core cajun country. acadiana used to be more concentrated aroung Lafayette, but has spread out towards LC slowly but surely over the past several decades. lots of amazing food to be had in Lake Charles.

  12. This is the correct answer. I would tweak it to say that the best cajun food is in the rural towns, cafes, and backyards outside of Lafayette.

  13. def worth the trip to Scott to hit up Best Stop and Billy’s. mmm cracklins.

  14. Yeah, but the Russian Premier League is…kinda it’s own thing. I just wonder if someone like a new money Newcastle or some other usual mid table team might come calling at his age…that would be hard to turn down for him…PSV or Feyenoord might be easier to turn down at this point, which is honestly a big step up for MLS.

  15. why would he leave to go be a midtier player for a bigger league when he can be the best of the best here? if our club’s willing to match offers, think he’s gonna stay put for a few years, esp with two young kids and with how much he enjoys living here.

  16. You don’t understand the financial side of the soccer world, do you?

  17. fucking rude, god forbid someone provide context to your numbers game

  18. pretty good. valentinas, tlocs sonoran hot dogs, the bao. pizza rolls also aint too shabby and prob the best bang for your buck.

  19. Finally had the sonoran at Tlocs… it did not disappoint!! +1 for that

  20. the verde dog con todo is my go-to. looks and sounds ridiculous, tastes amazing.

  21. we’ve done this at a few away matches, would be easy enough to get off the ground if we can get momentum after an initial goal celebration.

  22. literally 5-6 accusations across many years. the man had a pattern and continued to demonstrate this behavior after arriving here. we don’t need shitbags like this anywhere in our league on any team.

  23. promising to see the league and our club take DV accusations more seriously, especially after the recent NYCFC and Portland scandals. there are plenty of great players out there who aren’t abusers, and we should be able to focus our cheers on them.

  24. he’s a real good sex person. he can do it alllll the different ways.

  25. 94F with 39% humidity. i dont envy y'all Texans one bit

  26. ngl the away day at MBS was so nice because of the AC

  27. and 4 days before that…and 4 days before that…

  28. That was a great game for a neutral! What changed in Austin? Why did they go from a struggling expansion team to suddenly one of the best teams in MLS? Feels reminiscent of ATL when they won the cup in their 2nd year.

  29. driussi aside, gabrielsen filled a large gap in defense we needed last year. also the team chemistry has blossomed with the additions of felipe and urruti.

  30. Watch out, this is political and therefore bad apparently.

  31. oh yeah we hit some friction with this one for sureee

  32. the man can kick a ball through THREE cars!

  33. Austin supporters louder than the Rapids in the highlights. And they got their reward!

  34. https://twitter.com/eric_hagen/status/1387151867071827968

  35. all in good fun! the rapids supporters are super nice to us when we travel up and vice versa!

  36. first goal in Denverde with Diego running towards the traveling supporters with the LV up is gonna be hard to beat. until we’re hoisting a cup later this season, that is!

  37. Austin is going to be even better once Cecilio comes back

  38. had beers with a bunch of orlando fans after the match. can confirm, much better in person.

  39. Austin is the most handsome team in MLS, and it’s not close.

  40. One of the explicit written rules for sitting in the LAFC Supporters Section is that if you are worried about missing the game instead of cheering, you need to go sit somewhere else in the stadium.

  41. the people who don’t think you can do both at the same time probably have a hard time walking while chewing bubble gum

  42. Yeah, I figured. There’s just something kind of weird about using the number of the who you are basically protesting. Surprised there wasn’t any kind of banner or sign with a message too.

  43. the league is trying not to publicize it. local media is covering it:

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