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  1. If you find a skull with matching colors abs shoot it, that ring will drop bunny money

  2. Since I was very young (age 9 or 10 I think), I've had thoughts that I was going to die young. The older I got, the age 24 just kept reoccurring. I'll be 24 in a few months. I have appointments for neurologists for a suspected brain tumor coming up. Nothing is certain or set but this all feels very weird.

  3. For years, I have been having very vivid dreams that I'm going to get shot and die on a street corner at 25. My childhood friend always told me that it was ridiculous. I am turning 23 this year. So hopefully we both survive our nightmares.

  4. You need a Chase or Amex card if you're into this credit game. Or get a bank card like US Bank or BofA before you get too many inquiries.

  5. Yes you should try for a Chase or Amex card for sure. Make sure you're educated in the Chase 5/24 rule and Amex's 3X CLI guide first. I mean if you're not into the credit game than why even ask here lol. I suggest doing the credit template as well, do you want a rewards card? a travel? a gas card? Most average cards offer $300 sign up bonus for $1,000 spend. Since you're new try to get a card that can soft pull CLI.

  6. My dad said he doesn't know who it might be to his recall. He said he has a feeling but he doesn't want to give me any names. It's very easy for me to get a list of men they served with. However, who says she didn't screw non-soldiers too? I've heard rumors of her screwing their neighbor at the time. Who says she didn't entertain men in other platoons?

  7. I should look into that. There’s 3 state universities in my state, I’ll try emailing them and some prostrate private ones too with some questions and try to get some direction of where i wanna go with this. Though living in iowa, idk how good my chances will be of finding a Japanese program.

  8. Please look into it. Because honey you really need just fly out of here and save yourself. 😩

  9. Thanks everyone. I found it. I'm not sure why it randomly shut off on its own or why it didn't come up in my search results.

  10. I can only agree for Taiwan because the amount of homework and subjects to learn is insane.

  11. In hs I always enjoyed the classes that gave you time to do homework in class so as long as you went you’d be done for the day/week

  12. Yeah my school had a study hall option. There were 7 periods for an hour each on the schedule and you could use one of those hours to go study in the cafeteria. No lessons. Just homework. I loved it. This is only nice if you have availability in your schedule though.

  13. Would you consider investing it? Also is it in a high yield savings account? That would help you against inflation.

  14. What way does she grab them? To feel his pecks or affectionately?

  15. I don't believe there's a proper way of grabbing someone's chest. She walks up and squeezes them multiple times.

  16. There is if he’s been working out and someone is checking on the progress. Or does he have man boobs she’s grabbing?

  17. Your example is still inappropriate to me. The situation doesn't matter. How large his man boobs are makes no difference.

  18. You’re gonna get a mixed bag of answers with that question. Everyone’s going to be different. I asked my wife to marry me after being together for about 2 weeks. It’s probably take others years to ask “the question”. It sounds like he’s really trying to gauge your reactions to the possibility of being married. No matter what you say if he asks, I HIGHLY recommend living together for a bit before you tie the knot. Hopefully you guys don’t get engaged and buy a house at the same time. That is going to be a lot of stress at once. You really get to know someone when you live together and there’s a lot to figure out.

  19. He wanted to buy a place, but I said no. We will be renting a nice apartment and moving in October. I understand I'm going to get a mixed bag of answers, but that's fun to me to read everyone else's stories. 😊

  20. Not telling you how to live you life, but the person you responded to has a very good point. You should absolutely live with someone full-time for a while (I’d say at least a year personally) before tying the knot. You get to know a whole new side to them when you do. I can tell you’re anxious/excited for him to propose, and it sounds like it will be anytime now. But the prudent thing would be for you two to live in the apartment together for a while before making a life-long commitment. I don’t have high hopes my opinion will sway you one way or the other, but on the off-chance that it does, you should talk to him about it before he proposes. Saying how much you love him and how you want to spend the rest of your life with him, but that you don’t want to rush things and would for you two to take your time and enjoy the relationship as it progresses at a healthy pace. It doesn’t change how much you two can enjoy each other’s company in the meantime. Only thing marriages changes is that now a government contract is also part of the relationship. And I guess it effects taxes too lol. My advice would be to enjoy the heck out of your awesome loving boyfriend a little while longer and live it up in you’re new apartment and finish school, and then (assuming things are still going swimmingly, which I’m sure they will be:) move forward with getting married. There’s really no reason to rush into marriage, but there are several reasons to take it slow ;) Good luck either way, happy for you stranger <3

  21. That's very sweet of you to say. I will definitely continue to enjoy our wonderful relationship. I've been in other relationships before but, I've never been with a guy that I can see a future with like this. Someone that I love this much. Usually in other relationships, I'd have a gut feeling that it's not going to work out. I don't have that feeling when I'm with him. This is all new and scary to me but also exhilarating. I will take it one step at a time with him and try not to rush into anything, even though everything feels right at the moment. He's just everything I've hoped for in a man and I'm so grateful to be with him.

  22. $3,000 in full suits, shirts, ties, socks, and shoes for a dream job that just left me broken, lost, and for dead.

  23. I would suggest still wearing them. You don't need a reason or occasion to wear it. I get dressed up sometimes and just go out on the town because I feel better when I look nice. It helps with my depression.

  24. Im probably just going to try and sell it. I have an older project car that I guess I'm finishing. Glad I bought all the parts a long time ago. And I know how to work on the project car. The focus needs a special laptop to do basically anything.

  25. I see. I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope everything else is going well in your life despite this issue. I'm sure you'll figure it out and I wish you the best. 🙂

  26. May I ask how long you guys have been together?

  27. Hey i know me saying this won't change anything but i just want you to know, that it's ok, you messed up, and no amount of sorry won't change the fact that severe damage has been done due to a misunderstanding, but the real rapist deserves to rot in hell, i think you should speak up, about the Bastard, and let the world know, it can be tough, but u will pass through

  28. Thank you very much for that. He actually came to me wanting to talk it out and still be friends like we used to. We both lost a lot at the time and he felt alone. Said he was going through the pain of losing me as a friend and then losing many other friends. At one point in my senior year, a mutual friend of ours died in a car accident. After the funeral is when he approached me. He said she would've wanted us to talk it out because he couldn't take anymore losses. We ended up not becoming friends but we did talk it out and forgive each other eventually.

  29. Can I just go on record here to say that its just as likely lover boy is the carrier whom infected your wife. I know your upset and its a crappy situation to be in, but I don't like STD blame shaming. Even though it was highly irresponsible of her to have unprotected sex outside the marriage and place you at risk and not to mention morally wrong against the bounds of your marriage.

  30. Are you suggesting OP cheated? You can only get chlamydia sexually to my understanding...

  31. No, the lover boy or even the lover boys wife. There are three potential suspects.

  32. I don't think it matters who gave what to who imo. Chlamydia is at least curable. A few pills later, and it's gone in a week. The issue to focus on is the cheating. The STD is irrelevant.

  33. My ex, few years ago in my earlier 20’s. I was a scumbag who was self-absorbed, insecure and needed validation physically from other women. I’m a relatively good looking guy, whom was a late bloomer after high school. I became so conceited and overwhelmed with the attention I received that I ended up hurting someone else. Which then, hurt me. Never again, glad I grew out of it. Great question.

  34. College in general should be 5X cheaper. My master's classes are $2k a piece.

  35. Does anyone know what happens if a school doesn’t accept Sophia credits? Would you have to retake them in order to get into grad school?

  36. That is correct. They make you retake the classes.

  37. I am working on my 3rd degree, all online. I will say that the program level impacts this. My UG at SNHU, I felt no connection that we traditionally associate with college. Then I attended William & Mary for my MBA online. The program was a linear, cohort based program, and nearly every class had group work. I worked with the same 30 or so people for two years. We became friends, we talk to each other to this day. I went to the campus for graduation, hung out with all those same people. I enjoyed it just like any other student. I've built similar relationships through my second graduate degree at Johns Hopkins. You can cultivate the college experience while going to the online, however it's easier to do in grad school. That's because most people going to undergrad at SNHU are just trying to finish. Committing to grad school is different. It's more work and often harder. You have to want to do it. That means in group work, you need to really communicate and build relationships. Since everyone is in the same boat, it tends to happen naturally.

  38. This is a really great point! Thank you so much for sharing! 😊

  39. Your telling me 😭. I wouldn't mind the bay area since most of the things I love are there but a good friend of mine told me on the downside like right now I should learn and new language and get certified that language to work international I didn't realize cybersecurity jobs were in demand like that so currently working on that instead of giving up my kidneys and lung for the bay 🙃😭

  40. Lmao sounds like good advice to me 🤣🤣.

  41. Sissy died on October 1, the same day that Harlan went berserk and accidentally killed the 27 women.

  42. I see... Thank you so much for explaining it to me! 😊

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