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Today I showered for the first time in a week! (OC)

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  1. I tricked myself into thinking I was hearing something that was not there. It was a melody (kill bill whistle so it was a bit creepy as well) and it sounded like it was played quietly in the room beside me. Since I started fixating on it I ‘heard’ it more often. I was afraid I was losing my mind. I was worried I was seeing non-existent shadows too but discovered I was just hyperaware of tiny things ex. a small insect flying by, a tiny piece or dust moving in the air etc. Now that I’m aware of this I don’t struggle with it anymore because I can shake it off

  2. Don’t be me. Bring tissues to Black Panther. I was stupid to think I could go see it and not cry my fucking face off.

  3. same. when the lights came on my snotty and puffy eyes were exposed

  4. I don’t understand how this can be SO hard to understand. I can’t even walk around in my own home topless on hot temperature days because there are men in my household and we have neighbors around. I wish to have that freedom

  5. Sounds very unhealthy.. my bf is the one who first suggested I may have ADHD. He never teases me for forgetting things. Altho sometimes (early on) he felt a bit hurt when I forgot things like texting him when I arrive at my destination and such, but after explaining to him that I don't do that out of neglect and I really am trying my best, he understands a D is supportive. He never invalidated me or mocked me for my issues.

  6. I’m in the same boat. First day on 300mg, only side-effect is dry mouth for a while. Wondering how many ages before I see improvements..

  7. What do you mean by ages? For me it took 6 weeks until I felt these meds had stabilized mostly

  8. Lol, maybe I was just being a bit cynical. It’s just, after being on 150mg for a month, I’m not sure if upping my dose will reset my progress in the “stabilizing” timeline.

  9. I also experienced very few side effects with 150mg but I did feel it did something to my body even within the first weeks. Something positive. It was not stable or such but I just knew it was gonna have good effect. I felt nothing trying sertralin and duloxetine really but this has absolutely affected me. Anyway this is a matter of patience too and it sucks. Because you’re risking taking it for a while and it doing nothing and vice versa. My doctors usually say that by week 4-6 i should feel change negative or bad. It is individual though so it might just be a general ’rule of thumb’. If you’re willing to be patient then I’d give it 5 weeks at least with the new dose.

  10. I feel like it’s helping me too but it’s early days and it’s been hampering my ability to get a good nights rest. Did it do that for you as well early on?

  11. Not really no. It is hard for me to answer though as the meds prior to these gave me problems with sleeping. I take my meds in the morning, I go to bed before midnight and I sleep like a baby. But each to their own. I really only experienced slight dizziness the first 2 weeks. I am now as well bc I went up to 300mg, but the dizziness is not much and doesn’t bother me. It’s just something I noticed. But if you’re not past the first 3-4 weeks then it’s hard to judge. I assume by early days you* mean you just started them?

  12. Not really no :-) It gave me more energy. Don’t feel like laying down as much and I’m also sleeping better. I get a little too speeded sometimes in the late evening but it might be because I’m taking the meds a lil too late in the morning. I didn’t even experience fatigue in the beginning. Maybe slightly? But I think that’s more likely bc I was exhausted with my depression so it was stabilizing

  13. Always 150 mg, and a month or two both times. I just know it literally made me manic enough for a misdiagnosis on Bipolar which made things 10x worse.

  14. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Meds can be really tricky and truly mess you up. If you don’t mind sharing, what was the reason for taking these meds? And have you found ones that work for you now? Or other methods.

  15. Did you feel any effect at all from 150mg? I just made a post too about increasing the dose too lol but I only doubled it. and I’m worried. You tripled it??? That’s a big jump but I have no idea how that works. Also I didn’t know you could take 450mg. Isn’t 300mg max dose? Or is that just in my country and/or a recommendation the doctors give you?

  16. Lithium is a very strong medicine so I can imagine your body needs to process it. As with most of these kind of meds as well you might feel strange the first couple of weeks.

  17. Depending on where you are in the world I recommend alimemazine (but take it every day, multiple days a day, not just for emergencies) but I’m pretty sure it’s not a thing in the states so if that’s where you are I don’t really know

  18. Alimemazine is amazing. I get extremly tired but it is so helpful in tough situations and/or emergencies

  19. Yeah I use it as a sleeping aid too. It’s great, and not addictive at all. Can’t believe it isn’t available everywhere

  20. Yes me too! I have to take it very early though as the drowsiness stays so long

  21. I think you need to adjust to your new found motivation. Make sure to do things like eat, good hygiene, etc. Are you taking on tasks that just take too long to do all at once and think you need to complete it. Say cleaning the house. Instead of doing the whole house at one time maybe try cleaning one room per day. I think in this day and age many people will say there are not enough hours in the day to get everything they want to. Try thinking it will be there waiting for you the next day so it is not going away and don't worry. I like to complete tasks, but sometimes things take longer and I decide I did enough and will pick up on it tomorrow. Good luck!

  22. Thank you so much! I do take one thing at a time. Cleaning a whole room is too much for me atm I’m still taking baby steps in some areas. I couldn’t even eat more than one meal a day prior to this due to depression. I am putting small tasks such as ’vaccuum the floor’ & ’empty the trash can’ dor one day as that is reasonable for me. And I have written down the hobbies I wanna do for the day as well and they’re also reasonable but I still feel so much pressure. I lack routine so badly and I hope that when these things become routine it will be much easier

  23. Yea you can stop whenever. 25mg is a very low dose I’d be surprised if you feel anything with or without but that’s individual

  24. i wish i could see the whole process though and not just have part of it explained ;( but thank you!

  25. Insult? Oulala you should take it easy, that wasn't

  26. It was a disrespectful and ignorant question as there could be many valid reasons as to why someone may not work :). Maybe you didn’t intend it that way, but you should not be so close minded

  27. Du kan ju försöka få bättre fönster monterade. Nya fina treglas ljudisolerar rätt bra, och nu finns det fyrglas också. Kommer antagligen inte på fråga om du inte får med dina grannar också.

  28. Hey bub. Sorry to hear you’re struggling. You’re not alone at all, sometimes worst fears and anxieties can drive us to try and hurt ourselves. Bare in mind that you, under no circumstances deserve that and it might feel better for a split second before reality hits. You are precious and important, and if you are on the verge of causing yourself pain - you need to reach out. Sometimes family won’t even take you seriously but the is a lot of online support and medical support you can look for. Listen, I know it’s not easy and sometimes takes a long while, but once you make a change and keep at it for enough time you can see improvements ❤️ much love to you

  29. Thank you love ❤️ I work every day to strengthen this type of mindset

  30. Why are you having these thoughts, we need to assess that first!

  31. Sometimes they come ’for no reason’ like a dark cloud suddenly appearing. I will be simply relaxing occupied with something and it hits. Those times are the worst. But when it builds up it’s because I’m overwhelmed with all kinds of strong emotions and I get frustrated and my mind ends up in these bad thoughts. I feel a really strong urge. It feels like my body is tingling when I feel this urge like I need to do it

  32. Nothing too major but at a party a trans person grabbed my ass repeatelly, i told him off the first time,and went away after the second. I think this would count since it wasnt consensual by me. (I am a male).

  33. Why did you have to say ’trans person’? Them being trans shouldn’t matter in this context.

  34. Because that what they were. Why do you have a problem when i said trans person and not when i said female or male? That's what they are is not an insult to say trans like its not an insult to say female or male. If it were a male/gay or whathever i would have said male/gay ecc...

  35. You didn’t say ’cis female’ or ’cis male’ which would be the same as saying ’trans man’. You could have simply said ‘man’ because trans men are men. By saying trans man you put the focus on ‘trans’ which is unnecessary

  36. Bc I wasn’t able to post otherwise. Had to put that there bc i didn’t have enough karma

  37. It's him 😱, on a serious note how you doin buddy

  38. it’s her :00 redditors discover women??? thanks for asking though. i got a bunch of sweet comments from people who struggle too which made my day :’) and normally i don’t let trolls get to me but the amount of people completely dismissing depressed peoples struggles disgusts me and pisses me off. I thought I found a wholesome forum to share my win but I guess those places don’t exist on the internet

  39. He had depression. I have depression too. I've geen diagnosed with perfectionist and OCD by a professional. I'm dealing with depression and its by-products (losing appetite, awful social life, etc)but I don't make it an excuse to sit on my ass all day and neglect my personal hygiene or other things. I'm a guy with a broken heart but I don't let it to keep me from going forward. People are self diagnosing stuff and make it an excuse to be lazy and then proceed to farm karma on Reddit about it.

  40. Hi mr heartbroken guy. I am the OP. I have been diagnosed with depression since 4 years back. I’ve been seeing therapists. On my 2nd medication right now. I’m also diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and being investigated for other things. I’m not a ‘he’ either to correct one of your million assumptions. It is interesting how you can lack such empathy and open mindness since you apparently know the hardships of depression. If you educate yourself a bit you’d know that depression is individual. It’s not the same for everyone. If people kill themselves bc of it how can it be shocking that showering is a difficult task?

  41. Thanks but check on shitposting sub, people say he's farming and I agree.

  42. Why do I keep finding re-posts. And why the fk would i ‘karma farm’. Why would I benefit from that? I simply wanted to share my win

  43. Titles are meant to be simple bruh. You click for more context

  44. When it is as bad as it has been recently, when I’m completely mentally exhausted. When I ‘force myself’ it is so tiring I will break down and fall onto the floor. I don’t need to explain myself but I want you to understand that it is different for people. Some people have days where they can’t do anything. Other days I am able to force myself and I do, but not all days..

  45. I believe the maturity difference is pretty big even between 18 and 21 tbh

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