1. How has someone not gotten hurt yet and sued the fuck out of them? Seems negligent at this point and someone will get hurt

  2. it is such a weird coincidence that the people claiming they know dozens of people who died or had complications from the vaccine have been posting anti-vax/conspiracy stuff for years, yet no one I know even knows anyone who had a mild complication from the vaccine besides the usual fatigue and soreness immediately after.

  3. You do realize you’re instantly banned if you say it on any other sub right? Maybe something in this family’s genetics make them more susceptible to issues

  4. It’s pretty obvious they’re lying about the 100% safe and effective slogan they like to say all the time. When you have to listen to 5 minutes of potential side effects for birth control on TV, and all the people who should avoid it something feels off comparatively. It goes against common sense for a medicine to be safe and effective for an entire population like the government has tried to claim.

  5. You’re right I am a complete lunatic, I have little control of my verbal outbursts directed towards whoever I think is a partisan enemy. I admit my life experiences have radicalized me against the GOP. I hope I can look back in decades knowing I didn’t hold back against those cornfed Christian fundamentalist sMalL gOvErnMenT nationalists. I don’t call for violence and don’t plan on it, whereas conservatives preach that shit!

  6. You’re closer to a conservative than a politician… there’s only 1 party in Washington

  7. Agree with everything you said except for the bitcoin I think it will go to zero in the next 10 years or less even. I like the idea of cryoto but until it is accepted at most stores like visa or master card it is never going to be a good investment in the long run

  8. If you look at the Great Depression as an inspiration, you can gain a lot of insight into our current economic future. Bitcoin and gold and other forms of holding wealth aren’t bad ideas, neither is having a means of hunting and defense, though there is bound to be much tighter regulations put ontop of both and there is historical precedent for the government confiscating gold and guns.

  9. Something moving too fast too tell really but it appears to be a plane maybe. I really dont know anything about the details of the aftermath were I just found this on YouTube. I'm not about to speculate or dig into it either but op said they couldnt find much so I figured I would link it is all.

  10. It’s the pentagon.. there’s cameras everywhere. Could be easily disproven but hasn’t..

  11. For some reason most of the submissions didn't get much tractions. Thanks.

  12. Sort by new or controversial and you’ll see better results. Not many posts per day to view by new and avoid the algorithm

  13. Yup, the same Peter Daszak that also tried to get funding from DARPA for his project Defuse, wanting to infect bat populations with chimaeric pathogens, but was denied because DARPA concluded the research would be too threatening to human kind.

  14. Just got mine too… will never buy a “real” sneaker again

  15. There's no anaesthesia for your bones. It does indeed hurt like a mofo. Source: person who has had screws taken out of his bones.

  16. I had a block and got screws almost exactly like OP… didn’t put me under, I actually watched the whole procedure completely pain free

  17. I think nobody can notice the difference wearing at the streets

  18. That the US government has two different political parties

  19. Add it to the crm… “told to kill myself, f/u in 6mo”

  20. How the hell could they possibly know? Do they watch every single customer before they enter the store, because that seems like a colossal waste of time. Is there an employee outside whose full time job description is watching the parking lot? What if you parked a block away and then walked? What if you were dropped off by another person? This is so dumb and could never really be enforced.

  21. They don’t, it’s unenforceable and they hope people are pussies

  22. Probably… hard to be depressed about anything on them skittles

  23. I will try to have a better sleeping position to not cause damage to the few glands i still have

  24. It’s the ones who don’t have any self confidence IMO. Easier to go with the narrative

  25. So many people will have egg on their face for how they acted during this… kinda led to me feeling like I know who I am for having to make those decisions

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