1. Are your eyes deep set? I struggle with not looking good with lots of eye makeup because of this. If your eyes ARE deep set, most eye makeup techniques are not ideal for you. Dark colors and heavy liner are a no-go. I even avoid lots of heavy lashes. Light shimmery colors on the lid and brought up past the crease work better. Don’t put anything dark on your crease. Don’t highlight your brow bones. Most eye makeup techniques are meant to make eyes look deep set. If your eyes already are deep set, it will look really bad.

  2. Your bf is too high to make sense of most of your facial features lying underneath features and those will take time but since you're also on the topic. Your submental zone is pretty weak and saggy. Start doing some submental excercises to improve that chin flap. Good luck on your self improvement journey

  3. Do you have any good links for submental exercises that you like?

  4. Work on your neck and shoulders posture too. Make sure you lift your head upwards so that your full length of your neck is in use too, with your jaw parallel to the ground. If you do this regularly, your neck will look longer and prettier. It’s hard work but worth it.

  5. I do not like Arabella in the least! Something is so off about her! I’ve only seen episode 1 and 2! Her going after the Duke feels like she is trying to steal something precious to Eliza. Of all the men she could go after…

  6. I can't see season 3 episode 3 yet either. I think it's going to drop after Sunday 😐 I absolutely sha re your feeling about Arabella. She definitely seems to want everything Eliza has and I'm getting really upset 😭

  7. Yes! I still don’t believe she’s nice now! She absolutely should have been charged for the jewelry scheme!

  8. I wax and epilate ( braun silk epil 9 )actually . It works good. I was suppose to get actual laser hair removal done but the lady got covid and I never heard from her again.

  9. Razors are bad and give bumps and ingrowns . Braun epilator is like 50% off rn so I bought that. I also use cirepil wax

  10. Thanks I’ll look into the epilator! I appreciate the reply!

  11. I had KP on my upper arms my entire life until my mid 20s when I learned how to manage it.

  12. Thank you for the thorough reply. I’ve been using a rough scrubby cloth called an Italy cloth and I try to use Vaseline’s intensive moisturize lotion every night. I think the chemical exfoliators are too hard on my skin. If I were to use them daily, my skin would be so angry!

  13. I dont need pics to tell me that someone experiencing what you describe should see a doctor. It could be a liver issue, a thyroid issue… if you are unable to afford a doctor, see if you are able to go to a place that has financial aid. Some doctors you can pay monthly instead of insurance.

  14. I massage my forehead every night before bed and purposely try to relax my face, and that has helped me a bit. I still have lines, but they’re less deep. Takes a while of consistently doing it though

  15. Do not get lip filler! It migrates and effects the lymph nodes and doesn’t dissolve! Also, look for the Vice article about how dissolvers are extremely dangerous and ruining peoples faces! Your lips are fine! Take up interesting hobbies that put you in contact with women instead

  16. Long necks are beautiful!! Look at Audrey Hepburn!! So many beautiful women have long necks!

  17. Okay i just did her lymphatic shoulder stretches and they feel so good!! I thought I had been doing well with stretching but this is amazing! Thanks!

  18. Make sure your neck is being held up at it’s full length. Push your shoulder back and down and lift your neck up as much as it can and keep it that way. It’s not an easy process because the muscles will get angry.

  19. Thank you! The first time he couldn’t connect, I keep getting rescheduled for a follow up but it seems like he’s blowing me off. The second and third mediums were not connecting to my girl, I could tell because nothing resonated. One lady said Ally sees me with all of her stuff, I don’t have very much, just a couple trinkets. Then she talked about our house, we moved after her passing so it wasn’t resonating. The last one was a couple of months back and again totally general, talk of my sons cat that Ally never bonded with. I see all these shows with amazing stories that feel so real. I want that! I’m doing my best to be patient, but I guess if I’m honest I was hoping someone here might have her come through.

  20. Sorry well all I get is someone yelling through a megaphone. Not like she’s angry at you or yelling when she was alive, but like that’s how hard she was trying to get her messages through. The first guy is blowing you off— I mean no offense, but you’re stressing him out. He’s not a bad person. I tried asking your daughter if she has further messages and shes like no, and I just get the megaphone image. Its not like she’s desperate to get you a message, its like “I’ve been giving you messages” my best advice for you is to not worry so much. Your daughter exists in spirit form. She’s not a ghost she’s not in pain… and for whatever reason, she doesn’t want to give me more info

  21. Thank you so much! I feel a huge relief.

  22. If you see something that reminds you of your daughter, just accept it as a sign. That’s what I feel strongly pushed by my guides to say. Don’t question or analyze it, just accept the gift, you know? Why wouldn’t it be from her?

  23. Lol you do not look like the first ones where there is terrible lighting and shadows!!! A supermodel would look terrible in those conditions!

  24. If you’re washing your hair regularly, and it’s still greasy, you are either using something too harsh or too moisturizing (or both). See if there is a subreddit for fine hair with recommendations

  25. I had this exact thought the other day! The way my low porosity hair gets oily at the roots and dry on the ends mimics how my skin behaves.

  26. Wow, thank you for your thorough reply! I’ll have to look into all of that!!

  27. It’s a jaw disorder from too much chewing. The mewing subreddit will have good info on chewing

  28. Look into chewing gum to grow jaw, but be careful not to get tmj

  29. Selfies make noses look 30% bigger than they are

  30. The Auotimmune protocol diet is pretty miraculous. It’s not easy though. I do that and keto, which helps a ton. I haven’t needed thryoid meds in the years since starting aip. You have to work hard to make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals though. There are good subreddits for those diets. Paleo mom is such a good resource for AIP too.

  31. You are posting an unflattering selfie taken in poor lighting at a bad angle while making a depressed face. Selfies distort the face a lot.

  32. https://www.insider.com/photos-women-look-different-same-weight-2018-3

  33. Do you know the porosity of your hair? That can affect what products you should use drastically

  34. I didn’t know about this it seems really interesting though hopefully it’ll help my hair, thank you for the recommendation I have the sort of hair that goes really curly when wet but on a daily basis just frizzes outwards so looks messy.

  35. Yeah so sprinkle some water on it, and if it beads up on top of your hair instead of making it wet, it’s low porosity. If that’s the case, search “fine low porosity hair” on reddit. Trader Joe’s tea tree shampoo is recommended. If you need conditioner (which you might not because your hair isn’t long— i dont use much and my hair is long), the Suave Rosemary Mint conditioner is good. People recommend the LA Looks sport blue gel. Our hair plays by a different set of rules and can’t handle much moisture. The Curly girl method is terrible for us. I’d avoid Shea Moisture and anything with coconut. I hated the Not Your Mother’s Mango conditioner some folks recommend. If you have been using really heavy products, use a clarifying shampoo once to get rid of the build up. Hope that helps! Edit: what is your routine? Also, I hope you aren’t brushing it while it’s dry!

  36. Do you know the porosity of your hair? That can affect how you help it a lot

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