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  1. This. This right here is what I've been telling everyone but they just like talking shit I think 🤷🏽‍♀️ it's still fun to watch them go full Karen over doge

  2. I will also be selling some of the charcoal in my shop (with pictures of the tree so people can see where it came from.) Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll DM you a link when it’s up!

  3. To the moon! 🚀✨ Thank you for your generosity

  4. Girl with PTSD here who is more than happy to help with that 🥰

  5. Reported by a psychiatrist? Are you sure you mean pedophiles who don't act on it, or do you mean people who have actually molested children? 'Cause if it's the former, that's seriously unprofessional... I'm only a psychologist & still need to finish my PhD to become a therapist, but I've already had to learn the many methods of therapy & treatments for people with pedophilic sexualities, and have found treatment for many patients with that condition.. There's no way I (or any of my colleagues) would do something like this to a patient.. Not to mention it would violate patient confidentiality and get us in trouble as well, or at least it should get us in trouble unless the court would give us the slip due to simply hating the concept of pedophiles regardless of the fact that it's a condition that requires treatment..

  6. It is untrue, you can't go to jail just for being aroused by children, yes they are high risk but they haven't legally done anything wrong unless they have child pornography or have actually molested/raped someone. I know plenty of people who had evidence and their molester/ rapist still didn't fuckin end up in jail. I'm currently in the process of putting my biological father in jail for 5 years of sexual abuse, more people came out about him and he is facing 8 charges of lewd acts on minors and the DA is still nervous he might slip through..

  7. When people fight about the mask thing I usually have two answers. A.) If you "have a right" to not wear a mask, the store kicking you out also has the right to refuse service. B.) Stores also have a policy to wear pants and shoes to enter but apparently that's not unconstitutional.

  8. What does that mean, end socially before medically? Im genuinely asking.

  9. It means people will ignore the fact that the virus is still out there because more and more people are just ignoring the rules and going out and about. The more people who go out for non-essential reasons are influencing the idea that it's acceptable rather than waiting for medical professionals to okay the process of reopening

  10. I grew up in Santa Paula around the late 90's and we had weird stuff happen at our place too. That whole town has so much history.

  11. Your story is very similar to mine, I was also in a relationship for five years with someone who cheated on me religiously, on top of that I have trust issues and PTSD from sexual abuse from my father so I completely understand the emotions you're describing. I'm also in a new relationship with someone in the military so it gets really difficult when he leaves for months at a time. However I have to trust him, he has given me no reason not to, he's not my ex and I have to understand that. I find that the best thing that works for me is when I reverse the situation. If he's out drinking with his buddies I think about myself out with friends and how I would feel if he thought I was cheating, I know I'm out just enjoying myself and not looking for anything more than that and it kind of makes me feel stupid for thinking he would be doing anything but the same. I also tell myself that I'm stressing myself out and adding strain on a relationship for nothing other than thoughts. and that's really all they are, just thoughts. they aren't facts. and until they are there is no reason I need to be stressing myself and losing sleep over something that I'm doing to MYSELF. and when you realize that you have control over those thoughts I promise you it gets so much easier! You don't have to listen to that voice in your head saying what if, tell it to stop and focus your attention on something more productive! It might be hard at first but ive been doing it for a year now and my relationship is much healthier and more importantly, I'm much happier! I hope this helps!

  12. I'm in the same boat! Dm me if you ever want to talk! :)

  13. Hehe I commented on ur post girl xxxxx

  14. I'm gonna be the one to say it, but no kinder eggs? He's not really your friend

  15. They're not available in summer months!

  16. he sent you a copy of the game you met him on? what?

  17. I just threw that in there because it was the game we met on

  18. I actually turned away from orvis because my brand new rod was stolen and they refused to help me at all. They wouldn't even give me my info from my warranty for insurance purposes because they said my warranty hadn't gone through, like they had no info in the system when I had just called them to register my stuff less than a month before hand. Their customer service was honestly horrible.

  19. why would you need warranty info for an insurance claim? Theft is not covered by their warranty. All you need is your receipt or copy of order if you purchased directly from them. I know for a fact they would provide either.

  20. I needed it for proof of purchase for insurance purposes because I didn't have the receipt. And no they didn't give me the info because the said I didn't register the rod even though I did a month prior.

  21. i really like the cosplay , but she's trying to get "more attention" showing boobs :/

  22. I didn't know the president was a company.

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