1. not right of u to assume that cause she Asian bro. In couple of her pics, her jaw still looks familiar. Like the lines on her jaws are still the same as before. Dont get so worked up over it. If she said she didnt, then she probably didnt. Just bc u think she did then that's a you problem.

  2. Henry Cavill is in your bloodline somewhere OP.

  3. Legs looking so strong. What is your gym routine?

  4. Glutes and quads Mondays, glutes and hammys Thursdays. A mix of accessory work and compound movements (squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts)

  5. lol that was a “bruh” of disbelief. Insane results, good on you!

  6. Wow you look very fit!!! Keep up the good work! Also super cute bikini top omg

  7. Booty gains! This gives me inspiration. Nice work! If you don’t mind me asking, what sort of diet are you adhering to? Want to build my glutes like crazy because I suffer from really bad patellar tendinitis.

  8. Hey thank you so much!! I don’t have any serious allergies or preferences so I eat a lot of egg whites, chicken breast, rice, and Korean veggies (kimchi - cucumber, green onion versions are bomb) I never go a day without 25g of whey protein powder. I follow 1500 calories each day and I make sure I hit 105g of protein!

  9. Do you have any tips on hitting your protein goal? I really struggle to hit 100g even with a scoop of protein powder every day, I end up getting closer to ~80g. Maybe I just need to eat more idk

  10. Wanted to add that deli turkey breast and cheese, and tuna salad are great additions to your daily meals/snacks :)

  11. Great job! I love your hair in the second pic too😍

  12. Looks great but the only true comparison would be in the same leggings and pose as the before pic (sorry, just being objective).

  13. Ahhh I know. I have these leggings but the waistband is too large for me to wear now. The leggings on the left are a size 6 and I’m now a size 2 lol

  14. Chicken breast, protein shakes, dried fish (almost like jerky), fage yogurt, eggs.... the list goes on

  15. Amazing! What was your workout routine and eating like?

  16. 4x a week strength training, 5x a week Pamela Reif. 105g of protein everyday at 1350 calories :)

  17. Are you continuing to lose weight at this many cals or is this maintenance?

  18. Hmm, well to be honest with you it’s not about the number anymore for me. I’m working on muscle growth! I’ve really seen some changes as I’ve gained some strength in my hips and rounded out (in the rear lol) in the last couple months. I’m focusing on bf % more than the scale :) so TLDR it’s pretty much slightly under maintenance. I’m still slowly losing some weight but nothing really crazy

  19. Ahh you're my height and goal weight! You look great, congrats on an awesome transformation!! Even a small amount of weight makes a big difference on us shorties. May I ask what your routine / food changes were? How long did it take?

  20. Thank you!! I’m in denial that I’m on the shorter side but I know 5’4 isn’t tall. HAHA. I made small lifestyle changes over the span of 3 years, but I lost the initial 10 pounds within the first year. Lately I’ve been doing a combination of strength training with 10lb weights, and the 45 minute plan from Pamela Reif. I eat ~1300 calories everyday and try to consume 103g of protein. I’m finally shaping out and it’s making me so happy! My tip is to stop consuming food after 8pm, and have a heavier lunch than dinner.

  21. How are you hitting that much protein within 1300 cals?

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