1. Don't just stop their, my friend. He also invented single-handedly: Tunnel-boring. And paying online. And batteries. And solar cells. And subways. And bullet proof glass.

  2. Well the hyperloop was definitely an original idea...

  3. No, too small, I would top again and give it another month.

  4. Yep. It sounds like she’s crying(?) in the video, I hope it’s not because of the burns…

  5. It will be fine, just pour a bit of cold milk on them.

  6. I've been a vegetarian for 24 years and I've never once stuck my feet in concrete because people eat meat.

  7. Her friend doesn’t seem too concerned nor does he….

  8. Probably because they're just having lunch and they're used to her going full ape.

  9. I played 80 hours discarding various fluids before I found out I could refine runaway mould

  10. It's a good game, but it's probably not for everyone. There's a fair bit of grinding to gather resources, waiting for machines to do work and it's not very challenging. Gameplay often boils down to, I have a job to build X, but I need to make Y first and in order to do that I need to gather Z. It can be tedious but also relaxing and satisfying as you build out your workshop and unlock new things.

  11. Bruh I’m not paying $96 a year for Twitter Plus so I can priority shitpost and neither should anyone

  12. Dude probably knows more about shitty memes than coding. The fuck he on about?

  13. Obviously, being the world's biggest genius, he can sit down with the senior engineers and tell them what they're doing wrong with a mere glance. Also LOC = work, that's why he asked for such a high volume of code. He's not an idiot.

  14. It's probably about OP not having a swimming pool

  15. Yes but there is also a lot of legitimate tailgating. I live out the north west of Brisbane where there are plenty of open more country type roads with speed limits 80km and above, and there are plenty of people that still sit right on your bumper - even when you sit slightly above the speed limit and you're the only car around for a while.

  16. People get real aggressive out of the city, they seem to feel that they have the right to go as fast as they want on those roads.

  17. Maybe coz city folk are shit drivers.

  18. That seems like it's supposed to be an insult, but I'm not from the city and tend to agree, although it's probably because they've adapted to low speeds and heavy traffic, and mostly don't change it up out of town.

  19. They're pretty good at leaving missed delivery slips and bills

  20. You're right, she didn't mention that the software he wrote for his original company was such a flaming pile of garbage that it was all thrown away and that his next company that was bought by what would eventually become paypal was actually bleeding money and on the verge of bankruptcy.

  21. I guess she had to filter through the big pile of crap to keep it short. Probably someone should make a doco though.

  22. Sometimes good to do so. Weed sometimes has me clenching my jaw and magnesium helps.

  23. Jeez, WTF is in your weed? That's got to be some concentrated PGR shit.

  24. Grandmaster Elon, greatest chess player of all time!

  25. To be fair, chess is pretty boring and linear when played against your baby sister.

  26. Well I know why he supports it now I never even heard of this game before but u can play it in Tesla

  27. Well, It is a mobile game so you can also play it in a 20 year old mazda.

  28. He's a fien for sure. He's an adult, early thirties. It's so freaking frustrating, I definitely need to be more stern. He reckon it gets him high, he's puts the leaves in paper towel and nukes it in the microwave for 20 seconds to dry out. It smells rank and I feel like maybe he has a problem and I may just be the enabler 🥺

  29. Don't let him chop the baby buds off or you're screwed. Probably he won't stop at the leaves though so you should try to reason with him before they appear.

  30. Yes, Elon is just as narcissistic and cringey as Kanye and Trump. Glad he admits it now.

  31. More narcissistic, Kanye and Trump are at least entertaining.

  32. When I think of Tony Abbot all I get is: I'm going "shirt front" Mr. Putin, you bet you are... Ahh, you bet I am.

  33. Remember everyone, Jesus said there is a white heaven and non-white heaven.

  34. Being from the middle East which heaven did Jesus end up in?

  35. I don't even have a car, I'm not a car guy at all, but it's completely obvious to anyone that actually thinks about it for one second that those people are doing it because they like it. They are car guys because they like cars not because they think that having the loudest car will make people look at them. They aren't doing it to try to impress you. They aren't doing it to annoy you. They don't give a FUCK about you. Why on earth would you think what they do is about you? It shits me that people say shit like this without even thinking for a single second and realising that people do things they like because they like it and not for other people, strangers they've never met. It's fucking ridiculous.

  36. So you're saying they're just selfish cunts then?

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