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  1. I'm 2 weeks in, and I hate it. AT first I saw people complaining about TTK and skill gap issue, but it's a real thing. No escaping a 1v1 if you don't shoot first you're done. Making me want to camp alot more. So yes this game does promote camping. Also the movement is slow I feel like I am playing a bugged out game that isn't rendering correctly. Everything was right with verdansk, change the map not the game play. Wz2 right now is shockingly bad.

  2. It's loosely based off english northerners, I mean... I had to start paying rent when I was 2 years old.

  3. Mine is, when I was 12 I tried to truant from school. We had a spiked fence around the back of school and it was the only place to get out unseen. I climbed up but slipped as it was raining and impaled myself onto the spike.

  4. are we gonna talk about the fact that OP forgot the last E on Dumblesore's name?

  5. A good choice indeed but can he defeat Dumbledor with the Elder wand?

  6. I think it's nearly a unanimous decision then.

  7. This fights would be decided with one word: Igni.

  8. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the pit today huh

  9. Agreed on your points, Just Henry Cavill is English.

  10. He's right, too quickly equals destruction of crypto.

  11. Abortion should be legal until they are no more than 18 years old.

  12. Find something you are really good at, perfect it for years and years, save up the wage to help with funding. Create a business plan do your research on things you need and costs ect.. and launch a business, tell everyone about your business and gain leads and jobs through networking. But most importantly, never fucking give up. I had 2 failed businesses before my big break. Don't do this and you'll be another 9-5 stuck in the system.

  13. Gladiator has and always will be my favourite film.

  14. He probably had enough of their bullshit and being back as a Superman was an out.

  15. Yeah, too old for playing a 70+ years old character.

  16. It's a movie reference but I accept my down votes lol

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