1. Yes. Historical consensus is that he did.

  2. Just saw a couple humping each other in front of a painting of an emaciated Jesus next to the cross in a museum and I have now decided that some forms of kink-shaming are acceptable.

  3. Alot going on here, but I suspect racism lies at the heart of a lot of this. If we take out African/Hispanic Americans, the numbers would be more comparable to similar countries, especially for infant mortality.

  4. Wow I didn’t know everyone in Europe was white.

  5. Ok, but isn't that higher median income still eaten up by higher cost healthcare, housing etc? If you actually add everything, i'm pretty sure america does worse

  6. If you adjust for healthcare, it’s still somewhat higher. The main difference is that Americans in general spend far more to get the same services than elsewhere, in part because of huge inefficiencies in the delivery of government services that incentivise spending extra as well as preferences for costlier activities such as driving, higher-prices tertiary education and purchasing larger types and quantities of goods relative to actual need.

  7. They don’t hate our country. They love it. It’s been lining their pockets for over a decade now. What’s not to like?

  8. Big business and the rich largely dislike Brexit. It’s made trade and investment significantly harder and reduced growth and, in turn, revenue.

  9. Admira Thunderpussy, Elecktra and Santana Sexmachine are my Swedish holy trinity.

  10. So why is the deal bad. It increases GDP, allows for cheaper food, gives people the ability to work for 3 years in Australia visa free, brings us even closer to an ally, allows us to trade more easily with them and helps us get into the CP-TPP.

  11. I have nothing against the deal, but the actual net economic benefit is marginal at best. Australia is too far and too small to make it really make a dent in anything.

  12. It should be illegal to have sex after you have biologically conceived or legally adopted the government mandated amount of 2.1 children.

  13. ldn6 says:

    Can I donate my quota to others because I hate children and want none.

  14. Justin Trudeau, Pedro Sanchez, Emmanuel Macron, Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Keir Starmer all debunk this.

  15. People are simping for Dishy Rishi over Starmer mate

  16. ldn6 says:

    Cameron was way better looking.

  17. ldn6 says:

    Mrs Kasha Davis is the crazy aunt I always wish I had. ❤️

  18. And somehow the American health system still costs so much more than anywhere else.

  19. And really good trains.

  20. What an absurd state.

  21. It’s fantastic. Some people on Reddit hate her. But she’s our girl.

  22. Her government is actively limiting the rights of gay parents.

  23. I also have a vendetta against Yarra Council fwiw.

  24. Yeah they have plentiful amounts of land to develop in Collingwood but never really seem to do much.

  25. No it’s more that I’m mad that they said no to a project directly next to the new Australia Post HQ in Burnley on “scale” concerns when it’s the same size.

  26. Since someone already did Violet, I’d add Sasha’s scream.

  27. So you’re gonna stop treating Canada awfully when it comes to trade and fire Katherine Tai, right?

  28. They can edit laws for their benefit (the Queen did it some 200+ times), they are the endgame, they get to look good, influence the laws, and have the population adore them.

  29. No, they can’t change laws. They can tell the PM that they disagree but the power still rests with government.

  30. Courtney is so fucking good at articulating complex issues in a succinct manner it’s insane.

  31. Brussels gay bars are 🔥.

  32. These people are fucking insane.

  33. Almost as if supply/demand is a fundamentally flawed system when demand is controlled by human need and not an invisible hand of the market

  34. What exactly would the alternative be? Price controls don’t work and simply lead to shortages.

  35. Bypassing the democratic process by…using a constitutionally delineated method that put the confidence of the government to the Assembly?

  36. The most ironic part of all of this is that Bordeaux has a Green city council and mayor.

  37. Vindicating my bafflement how so many outright idiots manage to move to the top of academia.

  38. He did. He used 49.3 to prevent voting on the reform only, and turned it into the motion of no confidence, which is not the same as simply voting the reform.

  39. Putting your entire government on the line over a policy by putting it to a parliamentary vote is nowhere near the same as simply instituting a law without any legislative involvement.

  40. Well, this sub is mostly populated by non-EU liberals, so it ain't really surprising.

  41. Yeah the Swiss, British, Norwegians, Icelanders, Monacans, Kosovars, Serbs, Ukrainians and Andorrans aren’t European, duh.

  42. Is Elizabeth Warren going to oppose this? After all, she’s teaming up with the biggest Medicare fraud culprit in history.

  43. man arr AmericaBad is becoming such a shithole. It used to be a good place to get away from the extreme anti-American circlejerk on Reddit, but has now turned into a place for blind patriotism and nationalism. Oh well.

  44. When did this sub change its name?

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