1. What do spectators wear to the Olympia? I’m attending in person in Vegas for the first time. I’ve seen influencers dress up super fancy, but I want to make sure that fancy is the vibe for normal people too

  2. I don’t think I am! Like, should I wear jeans and sneakers? Or can I get away with a sparkle dress and heels?

  3. Hi I also get anxious before big lift days. The arousal is good. You can mentally reframe “anxious” to “excited” and channel the adrenaline to lift more

  4. You can start a gym routine without changing your food. In fact, it’s a lot easier to mentally handle changes when you only change small parts of your routine at a time. Introducing a lot of new stuff at once can set you up for failure long term.

  5. As a tiny woman, they don’t cater to tiny women either. Their waistbands are still too big and the legs are too narrow

  6. Honestly the best thing that I’ve ever done for my traps is Hang Cleans. The first time you do them correctly your traps will be sore as hell the next day. I’ve been doing a few heavy sets of 3-5 reps once or twice a week and seen some nice trap development

  7. YES I agree. When I was doing CrossFit 4x a week (heavy cleans at least once weekly) my traps were huge. Took about 8 months of no Olympic lifting to shrink them down for bodybuilding

  8. If you’re in the US, you can pretty easily purchase Bronkaid, which has 25g of ephedrine sulfate. It’s OTC use is a bronchodilator. I should add, it’s primary benefit is appetite suppression and having a general stimulant effect (ie more energy for movement that may burn calories). I think the actual thermogenetic effect is minimal.

  9. This is what I did. There is actually pretty low risk of cardiac damage for people with no history of heart disease on no concurrent use of nicotine, alcohol, or other sympathomimetics. It has a synergistic effect with caffeine, so I bumped my caffeine intake by 250mg daily to take two doses of ephedrine 25mg, once upon waking with my normal coffee and once around lunch with an energy drink. The first few days I felt a little warmer, but after that it just kept hunger at bay. I did not notice any substantial change in my rate of weight loss at the same calorie/cardio level.

  10. Good old ECA stack. Like you, I like to combine ephedrine with caffeine, but I don’t bother with the aspirin part

  11. I didn’t combine with aspirin either, my blood pressure was already really low lol

  12. First post-show day today, and wow did I EAT. Started with some oats and egg whites with chocolate granola, then finished my show day cookies, had eggs and avocado toast and sausage for lunch, a bag of chips as a snack, Panda Express for dinner, and ice cream with frosting and animal crackers for dessert. My stomach hurts. Kinda excited for some boring oats tomorrow.

  13. My family is going out to dinner but I already ate all my calories for the day. I am the big sad

  14. Keep it up! The last few weeks are the hardest, but you’re on the right track

  15. I would just make sure your meals have enough fruits and veggies, which will help with micronutrients and fiber.

  16. You need more protein. Do you eat meat? You can eat any other fruits to replace bananas. Mango, pineapple, apples, ect. You also need more vegetables. Try adding 3-5 servings of veggies (NOT potatoes)

  17. Yes I eat everything you mentioned. I eat vegetables 1-2 times in a day

  18. Happy to hear you’re sleeping again! It makes such a big difference. At 4 weeks out you need all the rest you can get

  19. What’s everyone’s food fantasies during the last few weeks of prep? I’m four days out and all I can think about is fancy cookies with rainbow sprinkles.

  20. The weeks leading up to the one and only show I did, I started filling an old empty cooler with stuff I saw at the store that I wanted to eat post-show but couldnt in the moment. It felt nice actually buying it, knowing that I would eventually eat it. In the old cooler it was out of sight/out of mind and not in my pantry.

  21. How do people cut calories without becoming an absolute nightmare to live with? I'm trying to drop a little bit of weight but literally within days of being in a calorie deficit, I'm a sad, grumpy nightmare that cries at the tiniest thing. It's like having PMT all the time (it's definitely not PMT though). I'm only at a small deficit, maybe 350-400 max and this has happened multiple times. Do I just have to push through and it'll get easier?

  22. You might just have to push through and work on your mindset about your diet. It might suck, but it’s temporary. You’ll get better at dealing with the negative emotions if you stick with it.

  23. Can anyone recommend an exercise activity that has an element of creativity?

  24. Maybe aerial lyra? Or silks? Both have an element of dance and athleticism without actually choreography

  25. Did you noticed any uti like symptoms when on ur cycle? I was only on 5mg for 2 weeks when I had started developing uti like symptoms even as far as Bleeding when I urinate. Of course this was awhile ago and have stopped using var since than. It’s hard to find any other females who are willing to help or even write about their experience on var!

  26. Looking incredible! Best of luck to you, I am 8 weeks out from true novice wellness as well. You look amazing!

  27. Fair enough. Strength and hypertrophy adaptations aren’t always elicited by the same training stimulus - just don’t chalk up lack of leg mass to factors outside of your control. You can figure out a way to progress despite genetics ☺️

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