1. I recommend taking a gun safety course from an instructor rather than a friend. They’ll go over the basic safety procedures and rules, and they’ll also go into more depth about why those rules are in effect. And they won’t shortcut them the way a friend might. They should also take you through some basics shooting a few rounds.

  2. Maximum effective range for a round is NOT the range the weapon is designed to be implemented.

  3. Your comments remind me of something my HS basketball coach used to say. “I don’t care how many times that shot goes in, it’s not a percentage shot.” Um, coach, that’s the definition of a percentage shot. If the rifle/round can effectively and consistently perform at a certain level (1000 yds), then it doesn’t matter what the branding says. It is an effective 1000 yard weapon.

  4. Morocco? How stupid do you have to be to try to use that as a basis for a legal argument? They did their cause far more harm than good. SMH

  5. Everything that’s wrong about gun control right there. Total lack of understanding that a) there are regular people of all stripes in those cities who need to be able to protect themselves, and b) the people Olin those cities who have guns now don’t and will never care about the legality of the guns they have, because they’re criminals.

  6. Here in PA, the laws aren’t too bad. It’s a shall issue state. No magazine cap limit. Private long gun sales between individuals don’t have to go thru an FFL. Lots of state run gun ranges with a yearly fee of around $31. The only waiting period is while the background check is happening. I’ve had that take 15 minutes, and I’ve had that take 6 hours, depending on how busy that state police agency is that day. All in all, better than a lot of states.

  7. PA here, or as we like to call it, Pennsyltucky. You get 10 minutes outside of either Philly or Pittsburgh and it’s DEEP RED MAGA. The state runs some ranges on their state game lands, and the mix of people at those is pretty diverse, but the facilities are limited. I joined a local sportsman’s club, and I just smile and keep to myself. When are Democratic politicians going to realize that if they’d just stop talking long enough to listen and learn about the lies behind most of the gun control talking points, they’d pick up a lot more votes? I know, I know, politicians stop talking? Snowball’s chance in Hell.

  8. Here in Pittsburgh, the Tree of Life Synagogue was attacked by a mass shooter in 2018, eleven killed, more wounded. The wounds are far more recent than the Holocaust.

  9. A lot of good comments here, cybernaut’s comparison is useful, but he leaves out the Henry Long Ranger and the Browning BLR series, which have chamberings in .308 and other similar calibers for a superior ballistic performance. They’re lever actions that are fed by 4 or 5 round magazines.

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