AITA for telling my GF she shouldn't be surprised about how my mom reacted?

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  1. I’m in! I need to clean out my basement too so this will help with that. Thanks!

  2. Last day and I think we managed to fill it with dinosaurs! It was 31 days total, I feel amazing and I am so thankful for this challenge. In the last two days my youngest really got on board. He has a 2 hr delay today and seriously went through those dinosaurs. Also, I saw on another post Lego offers a free ship back program to redistribute unwanted Legos, he is avidly going through those as well.

  3. Thank you for this, I've been stuck in a rut wondering what to do with them. We have so many!

  4. I call fake because you have to be a complete moron to come to the internet asking if you are you’re an asshole for this. Who in their right mind would think someone reaching out for help doesn’t need it. BS

  5. I’m thinking you glazed them before you put them in the oven

  6. I buy them every year! They are great quality and local so they grow well!

  7. Congrats! How long did it take? I know there is a long lag time.

  8. This is inspiring and the comments have me thinking about how I can do something similar. As one poster mentioned, life style creep is real. We installed a pool last year, so we still have some large expenses associated with finishing around it, but everything else could be pulled back. I just mentioned these comments to my husband so we agreed that any time we avoid take out we will put the money we would've spent into an account to see how it accumulates. Maybe I'll do that with other impulse buys! Who knows, maybe it will help offset the additional pool expense. Thanks for inspiration everyone!!

  9. More like am AT-AT hahaha. Adorable

  10. Idk why this is the top comment. While I agree the daughter should find out from op himself she is behaving irrationally as well

  11. I just bought one a month ago. I've only used it twice, but as others have said rinse the water through it before you disassemble and clean the parts. It came with a tray that you are supposed to set it on, pour a cup or two of water, recline the machine and run it. It makes cleaning the brush easier too.

  12. The other day I went to the store. Right before I walked in a guy put out a cigarette and went in. I could smell him anytime he walked by. It was disgusting.

  13. I love your wall color, it's so soothing! Do you happen to know the name of it?

  14. I was going to suggest Benjamin Moore Caldwell Green from the Historical collection. It looks very similar to my bedroom down to the color scheme. That is the one we used.

  15. We just adopted a pug mix in September because my son has been asking for 2 years.

  16. Maybe your dad hugged and apologized to Anna on his way because he knew that evening was going to kill your relationship.

  17. We just adopted a Pug mix in October, 5 months old, she does the same thing. Its hilarious.

  18. For 20 bucks I'm gonna eat that plate out of spite.

  19. Honestly I would expect you get to keep it. That’s why it’s $20. JK

  20. Does he know why his parents broke up? It almost sounds like he is under the impression that his father had an affair with you and broke up his family, as opposed to the actual reason for separation. Perhaps part of mom's "poisoning" was rewriting history.

  21. I don't know what state you are in but you may need to complete the Master's Program before you can sit for the exam. In NY it was required that we have transcripts sent to get approval to schedule. My one friend didn't have a necessary class so she had to take it before she could get approval.

  22. Nancy Grace. Evil, vile human being who has ruined countless lives with her false narratives, even leading to a suicide. There is nothing redeeming about this woman.

  23. I always thought it was degrading to Dan Abrams when GMA would make him discuss topics with her. He was a saint listening to her b.s. She would constantly interrupt him when he would make factual points about the case and how the law applies where she would just run her mouth like a moron.

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