‘member when Bloomberg “glitched” a crap ton of puts aginst GME last year? Who’s on top? Credit Suisse….you good?

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  1. If this is how they implement a halt, what would happen if someone just said just it and bought one at 50k confirming a sale at that price?

  2. I don't know the answer to that question because, afaik, no one has ever done it. If you are truly interested in discovering the answer, pull the trigger on that scenario and then tell us how it went. Good luck!

  3. Happens every day…I’ve been taking screenshots for over a year. The time changes, used to be at 1610…then 1630…this changes every so often. The interesting thing is that the amount is always exactly the closing price and trade always follows a trade for zero shares. No one has ever explained what this is about. It happens on other stocks, too, like AMC and BBBY.

  4. The stock is stuck in a price range of $24-26 and is being kept there by mms using dark pool trades. Neither calls nor puts will make money in this environment because the options are overpriced and the premiums exceed the limited profits within the range. This shill is trying to get people to buy puts, knowing that they will be throwing it away.

  5. Apparently so, because that is where they are keeping it. This isn't speculation, it's a fact...just need to look at the chart. You must be another meltdown loser. Everyone knows you all come to each other's rescue when outed.

  6. Thank you for the explanation. It was very easy to follow and well presented.

  7. He probably sold them to close short positions and/or adjust margin reserves.

  8. Try taking a very unflattering picture and stick it on the fridge and pantry.

  9. My family would not appreciate this lol

  10. Don't know why...they already know what you look like. This will just remind you why you are putting in the effort to lose weight and help you overcome moments of weakness.

  11. The frilly hem on the fabric is consistent with a tablecloth, not a suit jacket.

  12. Riiight...wearing slippers outside of the house and dressed like trailer trash, aside from the hysterical emotional word-vomit she is inflicting upon everyone within hearing range. Not buying her career claims.

  13. How do you explain yesterday's price increase, with the majority of trades being short?

  14. That was last year. Why is everyone talking like it’s current info?

  15. Yaa and you don’t own a hairstyle…. Black people please stop using anything white people invented. Sincerely a leftist tired of fake over reacting victimhood making us look bad

  16. It helps me get things done around the house. Cleaning the garage is preferable to watching red candles and I have a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. No worries.

  17. My doctor has me transitioning from the highest dose of Saxenda (3mg) to the 1.7mg of Wegovy for a month, then up to the higher 2.4mg maintenance dose after that.

  18. Do you mean the renowned African-American Frank Frankson?

  19. What do black people who live in Africa call themselves?

  20. Guys, I hate to say it, but you're missing their big play. They don't need to wait forever, they only need to out-wait retail. I think it is pretty known a recession is coming up/going on, so as the Poors lose ability to feed themselves they will eventually sell their possessions (including gme) in order to put food on the table or roof over their head. The orchestrators/vultures are criminal and revolting, but don't assume that they're dumb. The way out is to make sure that their shorts pay off, crash the economy as much as possible, get the little guys to sell, and make out like bandits with giant bags of cash. Why else are the t-bills such a big component of atobitts everything short? The big plan is to acquire the assets during a crisis of their making.

  21. Until the split/dividend, the price of GME was prohibitive for the "poors", regardless of the hype peddled by MSM. Please don't perpetuate the misconception that all holders of GME are barely old enough to vote and live in their parent's basement. I imagine there are small holders that would need to bail if times get hard, but the majority of us are solidly positioned with backup. If you are wondering how to make a profit while the stock price is artificially held at a standstill, try an options strategy called Iron Condor. Then, you'll be happy when the price trades sideways.

  22. BBBY did state that they were still working with RC Ventures, the day after RC bailed. Then they announced a public disclosure would be held on a Wednesday, pre market, to unveil the big plans to save the company from bankruptcy and become a profitable enterprise. As we all know, that announcement was a nothing burger, full of decisions that seemed to ensure the company’s downward spiral would continue. An argument could be made that they purposely misled investors, which would be securities fraud. The risk of suing the company is that it accelerates the movement towards bankruptcy, which would immediately put an end to any lawsuit…not to mention a short squeeze.

  23. So, you have been an ideal pet owner who has never given the dog a reason to mistrust or dislike you? This post is ridiculous. Either you are fabricating a story for attention or you have a mentally unstable dog that can’t be trusted and should be put down immediately.

  24. Oh please. “I feel like she hates me”. Dogs don’t play head games, so if that is a truthful statement then something had to occur, which resulted in the dog fearing/mistrusting the person.

  25. How can the float be larger than shares outstanding?

  26. Bernie Madoff was Chairman of NASDAQ. That this is a corrupt/compromised entity should not be in doubt.

  27. What questions should we be asking, to best benefit from your willingness to share your expertise and experience?

  28. dude look my comment history! im balls deep in this shit. I just want a way to reach them.

  29. Why not pop in and make eye contact with a rep?

  30. And yet, they are all still listed as HTB. Kinda odd, huh?

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