1. There are different debug lists in the search bar that have different items, for the longest time I couldnt find those debug shrubs and I scoured all the debug items and finally found them in another list.

  2. For this creation I used elements from the Island Living and Jungle Adventure packs. Some items are CC (including the beautiful underwater plants inside the pool) but don't worry: if you want the lot in the gallery, I have ready a short list with links to download everything. I deliberately kept the furniture minimal to avoid having you download too many files.

  3. Thesimsresource is a good site with categories to start with CC (fifteen years ago I used that) but now if you don't pay a membership it takes 15 seconds for each download. Most CC is free and faster everywhere (tumblr, Patreon ecc). As well as the mods. Don't worry, just look for what you need (for example "female hairstyle the sims 4 cc") and you will have access to thousands of useful sites. The first results are always safe but I have NEVER had problems downloading the CC in other sites btw.


  5. You are so kind! Thank you. The thing is...I have this mod and its modules! 😂 but I think I can't use it (I'm not english if it matters) as I should. The interactions are only a few (like "insinuates an infidelity" or "confess cheating with") maybe I should read some guides and change settings

  6. I completely get what you're saying. Totally. And that mod, which I have, won't help with it. I've had two "fights" in my game, and although I hate that animation, and try to avoid it - with settings - the fights themselves strike me at super weird because not only were my own Sims not really effected for long, there's no angry moodlet associated with it. Who gets into a fight and isn't angry afterwards?

  7. Cats and Dogs was a waste of money. The world honestly isn't that great, pets feel like objects just like newborns, and honestly imo the buildbuy is ugly and so is the CAS.

  8. Oh sh*t. I was thinking to buy it just now. Right now, I mean. And then I saw your comment. Which one do you like the most?

  9. Would I have to go back to the shop every day to reassign the workers? This sounds really cool and has me interested. Plus I play vanilla, if I buy it will it screw up my save? I've had my sim for quite some time and I don't wanna start over if I don't have to.

  10. When you buy a store you will have a panel (next to the skills panel) where you can hire employees like NPCs and other sims, fire them, choose their uniforms. There are no working hours, so you can open/close the store whenever you want and the employees will arrive automatically at every opening. But to open the store you must be physically present.

  11. I understand exactly what you mean and I'm glad you already got an explanation cause I for sure am not capable of explaining what I did to make it work 😂

  12. I'm glad that I'm not stupid! It's very confusing. Ahahah 😂

  13. I had the same issue. I am autistic (information processing takes longer) and not a native English speaker.

  14. This is what I needed and you explained that perfectly. I couldn't have done that without you! You are so kind. Thank you

  15. It may sound like a silly question, but can I ask you how did you not get them to interact with other more "modern" characters? Did you use mods so they wouldn't take out their phone? Which cities did you use? Can you give us some useful tips that the challenge guides never specify? That's great! Congratulations!

  16. Not a silly question at all! I started out in Willow Creek. It looked the most fitting (Oasis Springs would be too modern for the 1880's to my taste). I replaced the houses that were too modern and the major public lots with fitting ones and then altered them whenever something major changed over the decades. Gave me a break from dealing with 6 kids ingame x)

  17. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for your advice! I love all that! And you are a genius. I'll try.

  18. From an italian who lives near tuscany: absolutely stunning and very realistic!

  19. In the last days I had problem with them too. I uninstalled them.

  20. It happened to me too for a few days. Go to the control panel of your pc (in Window, at least) search for "EA APP" and click uninstall. An EA window will open with both ‘uninstall’ and ‘repair’. Click on ‘repair’.

  21. I would like to try Basemental Gang! This would be great! I'll get inspiration to download more from here, do you know if they're all available for the new version of the game?

  22. Thanks for the help, you are so kind. I should have known, but I think I've never read so many guides in English as I've done today. I am confused AHAH. I'll modify Tuner settings 😍

  23. Sorry, is there a mod to do witches? Or is it simply Realm of Magic? This is beautiful, btw.

  24. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I NEED THE DOWNLOAD LINK! I can't see it. Please! You are a genius.

  25. Aw, thank you so much! You’re so sweet 🥹

  26. I don't know why but I can't see it (even if I see the number of total comments). Thank you. This is wonderful.

  27. Beautiful! Very talented! May I ask you were did you find the hair?

  28. I don't give a fuck. Is this correct? I bet you don't know a single sentence in my language.

  29. I haven’t seen anyone say Mike Tyson. Everybody seems to forget or not care that he’s a convicted rapist.

  30. One person has wrote his name some hours ago. Please don't ask me how I found your comment but yes, underrated one.

  31. Try looking at Nightlife Astrology or Astrology Podcast on YouTube. Rick Levine has a course coming up on Venus with Ann Ortez.

  32. Thank you for that, really! but unfortunately english isn't my first language. I follow Chris Brennan's videos every now and then and I'm also reading his book but after three hours of him speaking without subtitles in my language I don't understand anything anymore ahaha. I would not be able to take an entire course with someone. I'll try to look at Nightlife Astrology ❤️

  33. How much of your Italian culture inspired your astrology ? How does astrological magic differ in Italy compared to that of other cultures and their individual types of magic and sorcery ?

  34. In reality it has changed me not so much: I must admit that here in Italy we are still far behind on the acceptance of practices like astrology (absurd!) And we are still at very stupid levels with silly memes / beats. I don't deal with magic or witchcraft, I deal more with tarots and astrology, but there are certainly cultural differences (for example on purification system). Our tradition is based more on ‘spells’ than on astrological culture.

  35. It’s beautiful, I’m proud of you! I love you 💚

  36. Families who think they have spousal veto powers.

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