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  1. I cuss non stop even in front of customers. Been here 2 years. I have explained that I will bitch and complain the entire time I do a task but that task will be completed.

  2. You're right. After seeing where my wife stands in this, I'm beginning to consider some things.

  3. You don’t care about your daughter if you ignored this shit. Some people don’t deserve their children. I hope she seeks therapy for being forced to put up with shitty step siblings a joke of a step mother. To think she was considered no better than the “help”.

  4. A coworker shit on the employee bathrooms floor the other day.

  5. Casual reminder that Oklahoma-(the worst state in the union) passed a medical marijuana bill.

  6. And has some of the best prices in the entire country

  7. Get fucked mate. I’m not here to be happy. I’m here to get my pay and go home.

  8. You’re 22, get a place of your own. While it’s nice that both parents let you live with them, ferrying you back and forth is no longer a requirement and you should be grateful they’re willing to do it, which brings up the question, why don’t you just drive yourself?

  9. Not everyone has this option. Shut the fuck up about moving out.

  10. I loved the tall tales too but hated having to do them all 5 times to get the gold curse

  11. This person has to have levels of testosterone to match a woman to compete aka hormone blockers. We have women who have to take T blockers to compete in the Olympics due to unfair advantages. This pissing contest of who’s a woman is hilarious.

  12. I watched this game in person. It was amazing hear the exhale of the crowd as the play was made.

  13. Honestly I don't understand why anyone votes Republican anymore. Can't believe that they just took healthcare away from veterans for Christ sake, the only thing they support is billionaires.

  14. Hit Green Labs on the way up for a 50% discount in Luna Pier, or Weedy's in Monroe for a first time 50% off up to $100 discount.

  15. Own a volcano and the hand held versions. Use them sparingly. I love the high from super high temps. The work that goes into a vape is also a turn off for me. The simplicity of packing a bowl is what I prefer

  16. See, what you're saying 100% does make sense to me. You're definitely right, in that the value of the work that I perform may be way more important than the work of someone else.

  17. The world would be perfectly fine without you and your job. I promise. It moves along quite easily. You’re a replaceable cog. The entitlement is hilarious

  18. Someone understands the amount of lazy people in my store… I have 2 lumber associates who come in at 7, clock in at the service desk, then spend 10-15 minutes ‘getting ready’ for work. That includes talking to flooring opener, dropping off lunchbox, going to the bathroom, and then grabbing a phone.

  19. You don’t get paid enough to care. My lord the drama from stupid shit is astounding in retail.

  20. In the minds of the customer they think we live and breathe for our jobs because that’s how it was back in the day apparently. I’m a sales specialist and customers think I care when they leave like that. In actuality I’m wiping sweat from my forehead and thinking to myself “dodged a bullet there” because now I don’t have to deal with them.

  21. Or when the refund. I don’t need your bullshit story. Just go to customer service

  22. Nah, part-timers who can't close are pointless. Your full-time employees should handle the busiest time of the day... because you know, they're there more and will build more rapport with customers. You're also making a false argument with "You could hire any idiot with open availability- doesn’t mean they’re going to help the store make a profit" as scheduling is independent of profit on an individual level.

  23. You’re an idiot 😂 all these things you said are just personal opinions. Calm down mini Marvin

  24. Nah, I'm a Hank fanboy. F' Marvin. It's okay to be mad tho.

  25. Says the loser going on a tangent of why part timers don’t deserve hours.

  26. It is a highly relevant phrase. If you don't have specific or valuable skills or schooling that relate to their business, you are viewed as unskilled by employers.

  27. Do you talk with people in those setttings? Most of the time yes. People skills, check. Do you handle money. Yes. Money handling. Do you clean, yes. Another skill.

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