1. I agree with people saying not to spar with him, but consider changing trainers/gyms. If this guy has been there a while they know what's up and either don't care or think it's somehow toughening people up. That's my interpretation of it.

  2. Sounds like a wild amount, I don't know if I believe it. If true, it's way way too much. IMO, a teenager smoking every is not the best, for a number of reasons. I did this when I was young, so take it for what it's worth. I would be ok with a few times a week, and not huge amounts. If he is smoking/taking that much, he also has a huge tolerance, which is worth considering- he's smoked so much that his system is saturated with THC all the time.

  3. It is an accurate an amount, I am positive. He does have a huge tolerance - that started our discussion.

  4. I'm a dad too. We know it's not easy, or simple sometimes, and the approaches working for one kid will backfire for another. I mean, sounds like there's something there, he works really hard, he's autistic. I don't think it's good for anyone to smoke that much. At my most intense, I'd maybe smoke 1/3 or that and I was miserable and not able to function, socialize, or get anywhere near my potential.

  5. They're both amazing. Shuai jiao is a lot more practical and quicker to learn in terms of applications, from what I can tell.

  6. "Ok, so Rogan was talking about heat shock proteins from sauna use, and ice baths. Then he got to talking about vitamins and supplements. Now, I'm not for steroids, but he is a firm believer in Vitamin D. Did you know it's classified as a hormone now, a lot of scientists view it as a hormone, not a vitamin. Are you taking vitamin D at all?"

  7. Hello everyone! It's me again, with a quick snapshot of my progress thus far in Yang-style with Sinclair Martial Arts.

  8. Good work. Your teacher's advice overrides mine, but here's something I'm working on- eyes follow the hand. It has gotten easier but it's very challenging, especially with the more to balance movements. I will say this- it's important, and it will be easier to get it right now than 15 years later after your habits have solidified.

  9. Nothing- occasionally you see movement styles that are really unique and bizarre (think bagua or drunken) but the overwhelming majority of the time, a punch is a punch and a kick is a kick. When done well, they don't look that different from other styles. You can see techniques in Muay Thai or boxing that look very close to kung fu.

  10. Their natural ability for fighting games even though a lot of them haven't played them before. "Oh you picked the girl character because you found her cute?" proceeds to spam you with kicks until you K.O. and then you have to fight her seriously.

  11. Just a thought- got a nasty cold/fever recently, ended up taking Dayquil and Benadryl a bunch. It helped but it felt like my heart didn't like it- I wonder if part of this is people overusing meds like those when they get sick.

  12. The problem is clear- Mexicans sneak in, get fat on American food, and can't sneak back out.

  13. A monk asked, "What is the realm in which there is neither day nor night?"

  14. I kinda of thought that Josbu was being now...

  15. Nice to see things are progressing there. I was there recently, it was just opening up. Found some at a bar near my hotel, and it was being sold officially. They had bamboo bongs for sale, little baggies of flower. It did something, but it was dry and about the same quality as the brick I used to get in college.

  16. With some stuff like this, pressure points, I figure it could work if you're an expert, but I wouldn't attempt it. I'd stick to targets like the nose, or eyes. Easier to hit, too.

  17. That's cool, nice to hear about kung fu being used effectively in sparring.

  18. Honestly, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming's book and DVDs on white crane are an alright resource. I don't always agree with his views on chi but white crane is his style.

  19. Yes, he has a book on hard and soft white crane qigong that I used to own. I remember it being very thorough, and even outlined training goals (as in, do these finger pushups until you can hold them for one minute, then three, then five).

  20. He's overcome verbal abuse, good for him. I'm wondering about "self notification"- I'm not even sure how to guess at that.

  21. I'm still waiting for the release of The Ruhhrjuhhrr

  22. I don't understand the question. Are we asking why Jung is edgy?

  23. Once you know how to make a proper infusion, you just need to find recipes that accept that infusion (butter, oil, coconut oil etc.)

  24. I just want to second this comment. The Bong Appetit show goes a little wild with various infusion techniques, haven't read the book. But you're totally correct. Once you can make weed oil etc., you can just use that to make any recipe using oil or butter.

  25. I don't know, maybe suicide prevention- just learning signs, "Are you thinking about hurting yourself," procedures if we see hints.

  26. Doesn't matter which tradition, just find a community.

  27. You're right in that it's been a big problem, and just saying "It's an illusion" is not helpful, maybe even indicating a lack of understanding of the issue itself.

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