why has this sub forgotten that Verano sold us moldy meds for months and knew about it?

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  1. She uses these photos all the time and constantly contradicts herself…

  2. Exactly, it is confusing and she seems to use them whenever she’s trying to promote something off her site. Seems sus

  3. ugh i dislike her so much. she just posted a dinner consisting of processed processed procsssed food. she never just makes shit herself for how much she cries about processed foods being evil🙄

  4. Right? She never posts about her older children due to privacy but the youngest can be blasted and posted? It doesn’t make sense.

  5. I unfollowed her long time ago. The “hormone diet” shit was really throwing me off. How do you even know you have a hormone problem without seeing a medical professional?!?

  6. I didn’t, it took so much blood work and appointments with several different doctors.

  7. You’re ignoring the context of her post. She said stay away from keto packaged foods to make it affordable. Not because there is anything wrong with them.

  8. I have seen other posts in the past when I was still regularly following her saying you didn’t need them at all it’s all processed chemicals but then went and promoted it? Its just confusing the information she gives out.

  9. The High Supply are my favorite among the options you listed. The Rythm and &shine carts have decent effects, but the flavors are too chemically and artificial, respectively.

  10. I agree I mainly stick to High Supply for carts. I can get them decently priced with med. Does what I need, haven’t had too many issues with them or their concentrates honestly.

  11. unscrew coil every ten dabs or so and clean where coil connects to core with rubbing alcohol and wipe, do not burn your concentrates dry, always leave something to swab up. i always stop my sessions early by pressing the button one time,

  12. Thank you!! I appreciate the tips. I’ve never had anything like this before so I’m sure it’s gonna be a learning curve.

  13. take your time with it once you get it,, it's exciting to get new pieces but i notice i burn through way more medicine when this happens ,, get way too high to where i need to sleep more than i should ,

  14. I’ve definitely been there, and I wouldn’t have even thought of that till after the fact. Appreciate the looking out.

  15. I currently have the Regan, it’s not bad. Been using for the last 6 months no issue.

  16. Off topic slightly, but do you find that you use less wax with an erig? I currently have the Yocan Regan and it’s decent but I also feel it does go through a lot of wax.

  17. I don't know anything about the Regan but I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any more efficient than an enail. I had a torch and banger before, I'd often have little pools left behind but not with my mininail quarts banger rig.

  18. Thank you for this insight! It’s expensive in my state too for wax and I’m just ready for something a bit nicer.

  19. Also OP I am SO sorry she had the audacity to even mention your child. She is reacting like a toddler--getting called out on her bullshit and instead of apologizing, doubles down with her arms crossed and feet stomping. Sick bitch. You're doing great, mama.

  20. Anyone who throws an innocent child in to try and prove a point and be bitchy straight trash in my eyes. Like grow tf up

  21. Didn’t realize this was already posted, deleted mine lol. I was truly baffled and appalled. This is the age where you need to be teaching balance not restriction. Then talking negatively online about their child is kinda gross to me and rubs me the wrong way. I get it, parenting is exhausting, acting up and not listening is exhausting and hard. But they also deserve and are entitled to privacy, especially when they are at an age where they are still learning boundaries and social norms. They also deserve a parent who is gonna trust medical professionals over an online influencer.

  22. She also edited her waist in this photo

  23. Her wrist also has a weird blur by the bench

  24. Why are the words tattooed so close to the leaves on the flower? Terrible placement IMO, especially if done at the same time

  25. I thought it was a mushroom and flower oops. Gotta zoom to see that it wasnt

  26. I saw this mentioned yesterday on this sub and did some digging. I was thinking of a different option but this rig looks awesome and simple to use. How long have you been using yours?

  27. It's great, but it feels like a beta. The flavour is second to none, but it's a lot more fiddly to use and keep clean than the core 2, and sacrifices a lot more to the devil's cut.

  28. That makes me a little nervous lol. I have a Yocan Regan and I love it but I’m ready for a rig. And electric is the best route for me. My other option I was looking at was the Lookah Q7. Not sure now.

  29. To be fair I just went to Italy and they lost my mom and sisters suitcases for 5 days. And then lost my sisters on the way back. Don’t fly air Canada hahah

  30. That sounds like a nightmare, but then to happen on the way back too!? I would have panicked lmao

  31. Our neighbors typically do a giant fireworks display once a year… right across the street from my kid’s rooms. We’ve managed to survive the once or twice a year firework noise with two kids for almost a decade now. It’s almost like it’s ok to have to adapt with your kids and show a little resiliency

  32. Yeah as a first time mom I really was and still am kinda nervous but my child sleeps right through. We were outside last year and they slept right through the show (with ear protection) All that to say babies and kids really can sleep through almost anything.

  33. Reasons I buy at the dispensary, Im older and no longer have access to former "plugs". There is a small, but still existing legal risk and I am in a field where I cannot be arrested. There is a small risk of getting robbed. There is a better selection and variety at the dispensary. I dont use flower, buying concentrates on the black market can be sketchy. I used to buy flower and make RSO but now I find it easier to just buy it. I am at a point in my life where I have more money than time for bullshit. I dont hate the black market and I have made some BM purchases from someone trusted but I just prefer the ease of the dispensary. I have been sneaking and having anxiety from cops while I take my purchase home for 20 years. Dispensary is low stress. Besides the robbery prices, I mean.

  34. Definitely agree with all this. I switched over to vaping concentrates, and I honestly just do not trust BM concentrates, especially when I dont have a reliable source. It sucks with prices but beats the anxiety of ducking cops.

  35. Yeah that's understandable. I've been doing it so long I forget about that aspect

  36. I also used to get things off BM but I lost connections, life changed and I needed protection that I was staying legal. Sure I'm paying more, but it's worth that peace of mind.

  37. i’m glad to help!! and yeah you can definitely mess up your gut microbiome with those things. definitely go see your pcp so they can rule out anything serious being wrong, especially with your GI history :) so you don’t get too spooked, usually (assuming you’re otherwise healthy without any serious underlying problems) these symptoms are more likely to be something that can be helped by dietary changes or yogurt/probiotics (effectiveness of these is debated— if you have no active microbiome issues they don’t do anything but if you do then they may help depending on what the problem is— such as diarrhea from antibiotics clearing out the normal flora allowing opportunistic problematic bacteria to overgrow) but it’s best to be safe and get a check up. the GI system is very complex and it can be hard to tell what’s going on because there’s a lot of overlap in how everything presents.

  38. I found out last year how many over laps there was😅 And it's all good! I love to see passion! My passion lies in mental health education and awareness so I definitely get it. I can go on and on haha. I really do appreciate it. I've been meaning to go in. I really want to get to therapy as well to figure out the root source for why food has been my comfort and enemy the last 10 years. Just a lil kick in my butt now to make the appointments. So thank you!

  39. i also love mental health education— there are so many misconceptions so your work there is important. that also reminded me i need to make more appointments with my therapist too because i’ve been putting it off for like 2 months😅 i hope you can fix your tummy problems and find a good therapist to help you too!! good luck :)

  40. Yess! Being a patient I've seen some shit. But it's made me realise we need more compassionate workers. But mainly it starts at home too, the difference a supportive family makes. Lol like I said I could ramble! Thank you again though!!

  41. Mindfulness is actually a therapy technique. I first heard about it in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) when I was 18/19 almost 10 years ago. It wasnt until recent I've seen it go mainstream in terms.

  42. It depends on who you go to. I got box braids done at an African braiding shop. I lost some edges, and was in excruciating pain for about 3 days.

  43. I'm really glad (not glad you felt the same pain) to read your experience, thought I was alone. bc my first time they barely hurt but the second time I did it, i was new in town and went to somebody and I had such a migraine and they hurt to sleep and lay on and I was pregnant so I had to take them down after 3 days. I havent done box braids since bc of that experience.

  44. He gave no solution of how not to support a company?

  45. Not always realistic for patients who dont have a great variety to chose from. But to be fair the whole industry and setup in IL is goofy asf.

  46. You guys act like there is nothing for sale but verano and so you have no choice but to buy it, thats impossibly ridiculous.

  47. Please dont assume that I regularly buy verano lmfao. I never said I did, I said at the start before i even knew anything i decided to try and i didnt like them very much and that's all I was agreeing too. I only mentioned limited availability because depending on where you live availability is not the same.

  48. She’s bitching about workers not providing coconuts fast enough for her coconut water consumption…Unreal.

  49. I'm thinking about the inevitable awful tan if worn all day.

  50. This is such a hypocritical take. You say you’re happy to see “real boobs” (aka not perky) but criticizing her dress because it doesn’t flatter her (aka it shows off her not perky boobs)??

  51. I personally dont find it hypocritical. Two things can be true at the same time. The dress is a tad bland and could be fitted better to compliment her figure even more. I will say she does look good here regardless of fit. That's more personal preference too though.

  52. I feel like the cut outs dont do her shape any justice. Theres better dresses out there that would have been more flattering and worked better. Simple is fine but this looks bland and not fitted well. She can afford better.

  53. I just wanna know why ENTIRE is the only thing weirdly capitalised. Idk does seem a bit off tho.

  54. And the kerning seems weird, like why is the B so far to the side?

  55. That's an unbelievably short sentence considering the crime

  56. That's what I'm thinking. I'm not familiar with this story besides this article but its sounds heartbreaking all around.

  57. The family had to wait longer just to hear she got such a short sentence

  58. Has to feel awful, I cannot imagine waiting only to hear a sentence like that be given. I dont understand the system at all. I've seen pot dealers be given more time years ago. Just smh

  59. You’re right! Please let us know what you decide on. I definitely think it should be from the All-Weather category.

  60. Will do! I need them soon but I have to budget for them now that I know. Times like this I wish I had unlimited income hahha.

  61. Times like this? Times like always haha

  62. True that haha. This is me verbally correcting my last comment to always😂

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