1. Her motivation for saying that was to embarrass/hurt that poor contestant.

  2. I think Linda Plant is the worst of them interviewers. Everything she says is to try and make the contestants cry. She comes across like an absolute cunt.

  3. Yeah I agree. That mermaid thing was way too far for me. It was a decent USP, the fact mermaids don't exist was completely irrelevant.

  4. I don't think it's disrespectful, but a teacher might take "you may want to..." as an instruction, and obv it isn't your place to tell a teacher what to do.

  5. If your teacher is making a mistake on a test then yes, it is our place as students because at the end of the day, its us getting the education, not the teacher.

  6. Thank you so much for the recommended resources that is very kind of you!

  7. Checking out the audio book just for this. Santino SERIOUSLY knocks it out the park in crazy ex girlfriend.

  8. Oops did you just catch me listening to one of 100 gecs least good songs

  9. This scene single handedly ended my crush on Olivia Coleman

  10. So that means she deserves to suffer wondering what she did wrong as people who are ghosted often do?

  11. I suppose he accidentally kidnaps Jackie Tyler (the best domestic character in all of new who) when he goes to Torchwood not knowing she's still on board during Army of Ghosts.

  12. I’m afraid the honour of best domestic character in NuWho has to go to Wilf surely.

  13. Why are there so many creepy comments about Alex in this sub?

  14. Pla could you help me manifest a reconnection with an old friend

  15. My ghoster is someone I love. I still love her I just hate what she did to me. I don't want to hurt her, or run any kind of smear campaign.

  16. Of course! You can nominate the same song every single day if you want

  17. Linda Plant was being willfully obtuse over that mermaid thing.

  18. Threads is the ONLY film I've ever seen that terrified me to my core.

  19. Jay is a millionaire businessman. Plus the old sitcom trope of money coming from nowhere.

  20. Drama series - The Responder Mini series - The thief his wife & the canoe Leading actress - Sarah Lancashire Leading actor - Martin Freeman Female performance in a comedy - Taj Atwal Entertainment performance - Lee Mack 1 % Club Entertainment programme - Ant & Dec Sat Night Comedy Entertainment Programme - Would I Lie To You?

  21. When Jay and Cam were supposed to make chilli together. It makes no sense at all why Cam would go all the way to Jay’s at that time in the morning without discussing it the day before, or why he would leave without saying he’s outside. So unrealistic.

  22. YES! Who would remember and show up for something that was arranged a year ago and never mentioned since.

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