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  1. "Did all that" bro you pressed Y and spammed some storm arrows for a random kill lmfao

  2. For apps (that have polish) I'd recommend Pimsleur if you can afford it, clozemaster for when you get to an intermediate level and maybe drops for extra vocabulary, you can also watch TV if you can find polish shows and Anki, you can use Notion to organise and schedule what to do each day, log hours and save recourses. I'd also recommend Teach Yourself textbooks Srećno!

  3. HelloTalk and Tandem have a lot of weird/annoying people, just ignore them

  4. Tank: Roadhog because he's just... roadhog Damage: Junkrat because he can kill you so quickly without even knowing he's there and he doesn't require skill Support: I wouldn't get rid of any, but probably lucio

  5. Could you please post the replay code? I would very much like to watch this game

  6. Terence is the best character on the show

  7. Sym voted out as the worst dps first? Lol

  8. I played sym for the first time yesterday and got 45 elims and 4 gold medals, this is just because people hate her

  9. it would be cool if we get more mecha playable characters in ow2

  10. They'd be good in the new story mode type thing, but I don't think they should be in the actual game

  11. Ask yourself why you started first, then you should remind yourself you should keep going

  12. How do I add those little flags with languages under my user name?

  13. its in 'user flair' go to the subreddit home page you should be able to find it somewhere there

  14. It was deliberately made to be hard to watch i think, its really awkward and the way Janet speaks is just embarrassing

  15. baptiste is great with that! i feel your pain with lucio, can’t play him for shit either

  16. yeah I just started playing him this week, he's so much easier mechanically than ana but less fun in my opinion

  17. what sr are you at? would you like to play sometime? :)

  18. sure! I'm around 1600 but don't play competitive a lot, if you're a lot higher then we can just play qp :)

  19. Clozemaster is amazing, they have a lot of languages and you learn vocab and grammar in context

  20. I'm happy with myself when I sleep a roadhog that's directly in my face lmao nevermind this

  21. They're honestly impossible to kill, I literally had enough time to sleep one 3 times before killing him

  22. Mercy, Ana and Sombra Mercy simply because she's my most played Ana because she's challenging but hitting all of your shots is so satisfying Sombra because you can just do your own thing and the voice lines in Spanish

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