1. I'm just glad I liked the 2016 Ghostbusters and can safely ignore this Kid Ghostbusters series.

  2. Literally my favorite of the series and I did grew up with the originals.

  3. I really hate the mindset of people not being interested in this because it doesn't "lead" to anything. Movies having to always be a commercial for the next thing is one of the ways Marvel has poisoned the industry. Cinematic universes need to die.

  4. They don't need to die. They just need to be kept to post-credit scenes.

  5. No, that's one of the things that started this whole mess in the first place.

  6. It's so good. Need to give it a rewatch sometime.

  7. Awesome movie and a real highpoint of the Exorcist wave of religious horror.

  8. This should’ve been the sign for WB that the DCEU needed to be rebooted right at that moment.

  9. Their greatest mistake was keeping Snyder after Man of Steel, their second mistake was starting filming on Justice League before seeing the reaction to Batman v Superman.

  10. They started filming JL one or two weeks after BvS opened, and that's why they panicked and immediately and haphazardly course-corrected, scraping initial plan for JL.

  11. Yeah, it's the sort of thing where they really, really should have waited a few months before pulling the trigger on a sequel.

  12. Possibly the greatest movie ever made about an armored truck heist in a giant rainstorm.

  13. Counterpoint, replace all of Morgan Freeman's lines with Babu Frik's "He-Hey!"

  14. Someone needs to replace the Shawshank Redemption narration with that.

  15. Man Bat really should have had some sort of battle during that mission.

  16. I'd argue Origins had the best bossfights as a whole than any other Arkham game.

  17. Origins is my favorite Arkham. The entire section of the Joker hotel leading to the Bane fight is amazing and yeah, all the bosses were pretty great.

  18. Hellmaster (1992) You've got the late great John Saxon in a rare villain role, the pilot guy from Dawn of the Dead, some dumb college kids and evil twisted monsters created through Saxon's villainy.

  19. Really stupid of them to release it on VOD only a few weeks after release.

  20. Nah, it's another revenue stream for a new movie so they don't have to completely depend on theaters. It's not stupid at all. It also gives them the ability to release things even when theaters shut down like what happened a few years ago.

  21. yeah, the second one was better. i feel you.

  22. If you're going to watch a Human Centipede that's the one.

  23. It works well, if you just watch it as a fun superhero thing.

  24. I was anticipating this sort of response of someone taking this a little too seriously.

  25. The point of my post is to just enjoy it as a movie all on it's own. Nothing else matters

  26. Worse than that - WB/DC has a giant reason to never do another Director's cut years later.

  27. The Snyder Cut was an important lesson to never do that again.

  28. What’s your favourite Rocky sequel mine is Rocky V I know it’s a controversial opinion but I liked it

  29. Hell yeah, Rocky V is great and a nice bounce back after the cartoon of IV.

  30. Can't say I had much interest in Shazam 2, but it's a shame it's failed and a lot of fans have been terrible to him. Hope he has some projects that really work out in horror or whatever else he wants to direct.

  31. Eh depends on the movie. If this is about the new Peele movie it'd probably be helpful to know anything about it before making a call.

  32. Totally, he could be branching out to another genre we're not even aware of.

  33. Ugh so many people wanting movies cancelled and burying them without seeing a single piece of footage. I dig Sony's horror adjacent MCU territory and curious to see where this goes

  34. Makes perfect sense, this movie isn't making much profit from theaters.

  35. They're basically the same film

  36. It's possibly the greatest movie ever made

  37. Ha that's easy. It's Unicron of course

  38. Yeah, just have magic hijinks with Dan Fogler making "wha-wha-whaaaat?" faces and you're golden, no need to overcomplicate it.

  39. Crimes of Grindelwald is one of the worst blockbusters from the last decade in general for so many reasons.

  40. Aw I just watched Glass again and really enjoyed his cameo.

  41. yeah exactly. I think people gloss over that when talking about Nolan's trilogy. There's a lot of silliness and camp there!

  42. Joker slides down a giant pile of money! Bane is baning it up! Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine love making sarcastic jokes. The series is much less grim and gritty than it's made out to be.

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