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  1. This looks really similar to a bar în Timișoara. Is it there?

  2. Im 99% sure that sign on that gate says "Feuerwehrzufahrt". So it's most likely in Germany.

  3. Hamburgers speak much better German than Berliners or Aacheners. German is easier to understand when the state has sea border on the Baltic sea.

  4. Hamburg doesn't have a sea border on the Baltic sea...

  5. Heres a question. How are they going to set up in person for the event? Like there will be two matches happening at the same time with 2 sets of casters.

  6. Only the last three days (August 12-14) will be in person afaik. Those will only be broadcasted on the main channel anyway.

  7. I know the players will be there in person for all days. I think he is talking about the audience being there in person, which won't be the case for all days.

  8. He played with Zen, who was playing under someone elses account (while underage, but that isn't necessarily bannable, just would mean that he wouldn't be allowed to play if they qualified). The whole team got banned for a year.

  9. Seikoo was old enough. It was Zen who played on someone else's account while being too young.

  10. Nah didn't buy it, was gift from my mom. It's an audi a4, do they have those in your country?

  11. I hope you're talking about a motorcycle otherwise someone is ripping you off big time.

  12. Ah, ok. I was thinking of normal commuter bikes and couldn't really figure out what you have to do to them in order to spent 400$ in yearly maintenance :D But I guess mountain bikes have to endure a lot more.

  13. it's because they couldn't fill it otherwise. IMO Hertha fans are punished with the Olympiastadion. The would be better of with a smaller one.

  14. Isn't it their plan to build a smaller stadium next to the Olympiastadion?

  15. So one Brazil, one Australia? Rio De Laneiro, and Lanberra. Third major in Lan Francisco. Have worlds in BerLan. Four different regions

  16. We need an event in Milan at some point. Also Lantes, so the french get their Lan.

  17. Wait which club got crypto on its jerseys? Dont tell me its Shitcoin or Fuckcoin or some scam like that.

  18. Those are both different tokens. The FootballStars one was where a couple of players were involved, unaffiliated with the club.

  19. Unrelated: Haven't watched many schalke games this season but seeing the umbro logo on a kit is really rare nowadays and it takes me back to early 2000's for some reason. Is schalke the only team in the top 5 league's with an umbro kit? I swear every team is either nike, adidas, or puma.

  20. '(die) Kranken' as a noun means '(the) sick'. Krankenhaus would be literally translated to 'House of the sick' or 'Sick peoples house'.

  21. Thanks for the response. As a follow-up. What happens if in the same scenario a roster splits up (i.e. one member goes to a different org and the other 2 stay together)?

  22. As long as 2/3 of the roster stay together, they keep their points

  23. Would be nice if it isn't exclusively RLCS.

  24. WTF, How? Can someone who speacks german explain me what the article says, i need context

  25. Translated from the article with

  26. Füllkrug hat (oder hatte) ne Recht offensichtliche Zahnlücke die ihm während seiner ersten Zeit bei Werder den Spitznamen eingebracht hat. Bin mir nicht sicher, ob er mittlerweile ein Implantat hat.

  27. I don't think these had to work very far from the headquarter but the question is how much distance they covered per day and if they could cover that with the provided range.

  28. But at the same time it's pretty fucked up that someone is a player who made this their job to play and now they can't.

  29. p sure Marc can just leave if he wants although im not sure if he has anything lined up

  30. Not really. He's contractually bound to BDS. If they want a buy out for him and no other team is willing to pay it, he can't really do much besides waiting.

  31. Okay I think I can provide some explanation. Is it my weird white with black outline font around some of the words? I have a Google Phone, for some reason it's started doing that awful font and I can't figure out for the life of me how to turn it off.

  32. Go into the settings of your phone and search for high contrast text (or something like that) and turn that option off. Should fix it :D

  33. It's the correct German spelling. Probably autocorrected.

  34. What do you mean "a lot of places"? Is this some

  35. This is not what people like to hear but it's the truth and statistics with every player back me up.

  36. You do know that you can train your reaction time, right. You certainly can keep and improve your peak even beyond the age of 24. Just look at goalkeepers in football.

  37. Nah. He’s wanted to retire for a while now, and after that LAN performance, I know he’s taking it hard on himself. Those combined, I’d say there’s a 75% chance he’s retiring. Only question is, if he WAS to retire, are they going to just move Musty to the main roster, or pick someone else up? This’ll be interesting to watch

  38. You might want to check the source on that rumour.

  39. I think alpha54 to smpr for chausette could be plausible, I don’t see smpr pulling anyone any better after their tank of a split and obviously vitality is gonna split

  40. I absolutely can't see Smpr being able to buy out alpha or offer the same salary that vitality can. And vitality clearly wants to rebuild around him.

  41. You think vitality are actually going to drop fairy and kaydop? I mean if they do you’re completely right but I don’t see them doing that

  42. Well, everything points towards vitality dropping Fairy peak for radosin before the spring split. Depending how they (and especially kaydop) are doing this split and who's available after worlds they'll most likely make another move going into next season.

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