1. OP how do you get your houses to be so uniform and small? In my build the houses on low density real estate look like quarter acre houses properties. I want them to be row houses/brownstones

  2. Custom assets from the workshop. Most of these are placed manually 🥲

  3. Where did you find those shotgun houses? I love them

  4. Painted ladies from the workshop I think. They’re taken from San Francisco!

  5. I live in an old (1920s) skyscraper that had 9 out of 38 floors converted to residential and it is fairly affordable. The rest of the building is empty right now. I like, dining, theater, parks, waterfront, museums, public transit, and medical services are all within walking distance. The only thing that there isn't much of is nightlife....but after going to other neighborhoods to party and have that nightlife experience, it is kind of nice to return to the loop where things are kind of peaceful and quiet.

  6. Ayyyeeeee! Yep you got it. Lol creepy as fuck but if the whole building ever got filled and the stores / basement restaurant and everything got used it would be pretty cool.

  7. Ikr, Pittsfield cafe alone is keeping the building busy from 7 to 3

  8. Ooof, that at-grade intersection before the bridge ain't great. I would turn the track from the lower left hand corner of the screenshot up to the station into a dive-under so the bridge has good clearance.

  9. Appreciate the feedback! I was looking at examples in Chicago, and at grade intersections for trains are actually pretty common if that is what you’re pointing out in the first part!

  10. Chicago is pretty well known for how much of a mess its rail infrastructure is. It bottlenecks the entire US network, not in small part because of all of the at grade crossings.

  11. That makes sense. Currently there’s no congestion issues but I might need to eventually upgrade the interchange

  12. I saw your previous post and this is thrilling to follow

  13. I like how it’s a default interchange but you made it seem like it’s cutting through the city! I’m playing that map right now :)

  14. I took a peek at your profile and your city looks great too! Loving seeing different approaches

  15. What assets are you using? I've seen plenty of ways to make them (parking lot roads, big parking lots, ploppable assets, but this way comes off so clean and realistic.

  16. That's all fine and dandy, but the underpasses instead of overpasses seems... Off? I'm just thinking of I670 in Columbus and Leonard/Old Leonard Avenue.

  17. The underpasses are just the remaining old neighborhood streets since all the homes are demolished

  18. 8 lane freeway > some “slum” that “needs” urban renewal

  19. I like the painted bike lane starting and stopping randomly, very realistic

  20. All the paint budget went to adding one more lane to the highway

  21. remove the dividers, get a larger costco and at least triple the parking, make sure to add a car wash and gas station

  22. Totally forgot about the gas station, but I’ve never seen a Costco with car washes in the states

  23. Do you have a link for those pier buildings? Thank you!!!

  24. Can't be Vancouver because every building isn't a high density residential skyscraper

  25. Which DLC has Street Trams? It’s my next set of DLC’s that I’m getting.

  26. Can’t remember the name but the one with snow and winter. Sucks it’s NOT in the mass transit DLC

  27. Nah , this the parking at the Tyler Mall in Riverside CA

  28. So sad to see so many people support this. This is how we lose support towards the cause

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