1. Don’t stick your dick in a tabasco bottle!! 😂

  2. Your wife should become your ex wife. If you’re only allowed to be inside one pussy, then that pussy should be available more than 1-2 times per year. Physical/ emotional intimacy is important

  3. Insert Obi wan, “That’s...... what they’re for” meme

  4. Yes. Anything "Crosley" you see for sale is likely Chinese junk made in recent decades. The last "real" Crosley radios were made in 1956. The company name still exists, under different ownership, but sells mainly cheap turntables and retro jukeboxes.

  5. Yeah I took the back panel off today to see if there was just a speaker on the clock side that had just been blown out. It looks pretty sketchy/ cheap inside there haha.

  6. The big fact is that tubes are obsolete. Solid state amplification did to tubes what quartz watches did to mechanical watches: turned them into a niche luxury product.

  7. How hard would it be to make one? 😅

  8. Not exactly the attitude I was expecting from hammers, but I appreciate the honesty and advice

  9. Ive tried to post this twice now, but im not sure it’s posting? Mods, am I doing something wrong?


  11. It might be tolerable if that stupid bitch wasn’t constantly screaming at the top of her lungs

  12. Gotta lose the friend or the girlfriend

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