Those who are against cannabis, what's your reason?

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  1. Rumour has it that their still landing

  2. I'm curious if any of the other artists are in this discussion? I would really like to hear their thoughts.

  3. Beach days during the week are a great idea but sadly I think it's suppose to rain for the rest of this week.

  4. Every reply starts with,”I’m not against cannabis” like why are you responding

  5. Where's this? That way others in your area can take advantage of it. We've all been screwed at the bowser so it's about time at least a few got some back.

  6. Forget all these insults, I'm genuinely happy for you. I'm sure you will make your future husband very happy.

  7. Why are they all men? Are women not allowed?

  8. I'm from QLD born an bred and I see Eee

  9. Out of curiosity, can I ask what your reason for leaving is? Is it a work bad environment? Health and Safety issues? Or was the advertised job description not what you're actually doing?

  10. With health and safety, if you feel pretty strong about it then you could also report it.

  11. Just tell them that's its rated at 10,000A because the 100/100 actually means 100x100=10,000

  12. Well apparently not the Queen of England

  13. I have three bits of trivia I can share about this particular NSX:

  14. It would seem I just did not do my research prior to posting haha. I have in fact heard of all of those artists, but I had no idea that any of them were from Australia (except AC/DC - I did know about them, I just forgot)

  15. Kid Laroi, Amyl and the Sniffers, The Amity Affliction

  16. Good idea and I like it BUT do you honestly think a developer with 100 blocks of land is really only going to build 1 highrise? The parklands in their eyes is a waste of space and potential loss of money.

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