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  1. Shoot maybe? Some people say shoot when they reveal their choice.

  2. No, she said shoe. I learned this on Reddit a couple months ago, one of those regional threads that make you irrationally upset, lol. A substantial portion of the country says it this way.

  3. I think it's just an accent thing. A lot of people say "shoot" with a soft "t", and it almost sounds like "shoe"

  4. There was a reddit thread some months ago where a lot of people were saying they legitimately have said "shoe" their whole lives.

  5. I actually chose to use the TH most of the time. I dont like being locked with the revved up attacks animation.

  6. I can't figure out how to use the hammer. It's terrible at mobs because the strong swipe takes so long to animate that I always get fucked up during the swing or just keep having to block cancel to stay alive. And normal blows barely hit more than one enemy.

  7. I actually love it precisely cos I can delete elites even faster than Eviscerator but also control crowds a little better.

  8. Man I want to love it. Hammer is so "core paladin" to me. I'm the opposite, though. I'll use it, feel like I fucked up my team's run, and go back to eviscerator. I'll give it another go...

  9. It was the Romans who set up the system. Everything west of Rome was occidental or "the west" and everything east of Rome was oriental or "the east."

  10. Flat Earthers hate this one weird trick

  11. Only in the moment though. Trying to do the last rep of every set it finally shuts off, but after a 20 second break it's back, and repeat.

  12. It's definitely a long term benefit of meditation. Mindfulness practices in general will shut your damn mind up.

  13. When I’m bored I love doing this. Find a random homie playing a game I like just to say hi and to tell him to keep it up. Makes them and me feel good.

  14. I've only used twitch a few times. How do you find empty streams? The pages seem to promote big ones and I didn't see a filter.

  15. I have a lot of these, and my apologies since obviously this isn't kanji, but the one that always makes me laugh is め. In my head I say "meh pretzel" in an Italian accent.

  16. Splitting your tables is not the solution and will lead to many more problems than it solves, not least because any relations across DBs won't work and your app will break. That size is hefty but not excessive. Look at getting a better database (Postgres plays well with Django and can easily handle that volume) and/or upgrading your hardware.

  17. For some of the apps the dependencies of one app is tightly coupled with another app. My org wants to sell a single app as a standalone product. Which is not possible as of now. So we trying to break our project into smaller somewhat independent projects.

  18. People, don't down vote the damn OP's explanations. What else is the friggin purpose of this thread?

  19. Never in my life (60 years) have I seen a more unfit person run office. He has to be the dumbest most ridiculous candidate ever to run for the Senate...and he actually could win because Republicans don't give a fuck if he's qualified or not.

  20. There are a LOT of contenders for that accusation, but I think you might be right

  21. I really really do think our split into microservices (and always agile) has produced amazingly maintainable projects.

  22. Thank you for the advice, everyone. It seems like everybody is in agreement, which is surprising and reassuring. I'll try cleaning off the bumps and seasoning on the stovetop.

  23. I love them in my 40s as much as when I was 5. Filling, tasty, like eating dessert.

  24. It is almost literally an actual dessert

  25. 24 hour stores. I was in Chicago working with a colleague from Switzerland who suddenly realized around midnight that he needed a network cable to configure a mobile router for a job the next morning.

  26. "What's 'long term' mean?" - any corporation

  27. Yeah… I can definitely relate to this. I certainly struggle with value, but warm or cool shadows or tones are really hard for me to see. That’s definitely something I need to focus on

  28. Same. I think it's just generally a very difficult step in mastering color. I lucked out and was blessed with a bit of "talent" for value (or maybe I just used charcoal for so long I built it up?), but color has and is a big struggle. Gets better slowly over time! But yeah, temperature especially is a rough one.

  29. Yeah, and I tend to gravitate to artists who do bold strokes with strong colors… and I tried to replicate that, but I’m not there yet. Hoping a master copy will be a good learning experience.

  30. Strong "same". They make it look so effortless! But copying is the best way to learn :) Over and over and over again.

  31. Begun to take hold? Been that way since day one open beta.

  32. If you're talking about the one where you can't fire a shot, the flamethrower doesn't currently count as "shooting".

  33. Did they change this? I may have just missed this opportunity. I won my first d3 with flamethrower yesterday, and the penance wasn't completed.

  34. Big brain time, let's go! Still waiting to see one in the shop, but I'm only lvl 14. Thanks.

  35. It's very frustrating as a zealot when every. single. enemy. (especially melee enemies) goes down in a blaze of holy gunfire from behind me as I approach trash mobs, and then everyone needs to swipe every last goddamn ammo tin because of it, leaving me SOL when I need ammo the 1 or 2 times per entire round I might need it.

  36. Just a heads up, if melee works like it does in Vermintide, then spam dodging only gets you killed anyway because weapons have a soft max dodge limit before your dodges become little tiny movements. The heavier the weapon, the less dodges you get before you're moving through jello. So despite the changes, it's still a good habit to weave shoves or blocks in after a dodge, because spamming them leads to a quick death anyway

  37. Zealot with a Flamer has entered the chat.

  38. Oh. Tell your friend Good I said hi.

  39. Wait what isn’t that just called yellow watermelon?

  40. Might be a regional thing then. Never heard anyone call it honeydew, just "melon."

  41. This is blowing my mind and I feel like I'm in a thread full of aliens. I've lived all over the US and always heard these fruits be called by their specific names. Only my wife and their family, who are Japanese, call cantaloupes melons. But like... all 3 are melons. They're all different. And honeydew is definitely the least popular where I've lived (across both coasts).

  42. By whiskey you're probably thinking a 12-year Lagavulin, but what they're referring to was more similar to something you would use to fuel your car

  43. At least they could mix it with some Coca-Cola

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