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  1. Probably bought a TCL 5 with Google TV

  2. Love is a crazy, messy, irrational thing OP. If your girl has your back you have nothing to worry about. Let your friend know how you feel and take a break from him, maybe a permanent break. Good luck and remember our time alive is quite short. This is nothing to obsess about for too long.

  3. Biscuits are fine. It’s the gravy i’m worried about.

  4. Check with a vet, they may suggest inducing vomiting

  5. Did that. They said raw flour is hard for animals to eat and that he probably didn’t ingest that much but to prepare for possible stomach issues and to bring him in if we see distress.

  6. Good exercise! Couple of notes are off though :p

  7. If it’s a quarter inch thick at the spine i’d still thin it down being very careful not to hit the edge too much. Maybe do a Hamon heat treat, or torch. Shape looks fine. Better to have a sharp, hard blade at any shape rather than scrap.

  8. Not sure but just wanted to say I switched from Spotify to premium Youtube which gets you ad free YT and YT music and I’m much happier.

  9. He’s not. Just because he’s sold the most albums for a white rapper doesn’t mean he’s the first big white rapper. The Beastie Boys have sold of 50 million albums. That’s pretty big.

  10. If you want an ophthalmic eye exam you will have to lie when making the appointment. You will have to say you have sudden vision loss, floaters, visual disturbance, headaches etc. If you have diabetes you should also be covered and it’s always a good idea to regularly see an eye doctor if you do. Refractions should be covered by many insurances but you may be billed if not covered. Medicaid and VA will cover the refraction. Just insist that they bill it through the insurance. Worst case is that you will be billed a small amount (usually under $45) for the refraction. Source: manager of an ophthalmology practice.

  11. If you can’t pull it out. Grab with vicegrips and wiggle till it breaks off.

  12. Would there have been a "right way" to do it?

  13. Yeah, they could have hired a different architect

  14. Pretty sure I’m safe. After restoring from my JB X to a 13 pro, I’ve been unable to update OTA and I’m effectively stuck on 15.0.1. Not really sure why. Might have to due with disabling some daemons in my X.

  15. What’s a typical use case for this?

  16. To process two instruments independently on MS-70CDR. I wrote a bit more into original post to explain that.

  17. Awesome! I ordered on April 22. Haven’t got a notice yet but this is potential great news! Congrats!

  18. Definitely not lunch or dinner

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