1. I know I shouldn’t but gas was going up again last night, it was the first time I ever topped it off

  2. first and last hopefully

  3. Not related to you filling the tank. However stop topping off unless you like replacing evap parts

  4. what even makes people start doing this...like obviously it stops itself for a reason lmao

  5. UPDATE ON MY CLUTCH: so I tried to bleed it again with my dad (we used a bottle) the clutch pedal still loses pressure and sinks to the floor. I changed the SC and MC. I start the car in second and the wheels spin so I do have clutch as the previous owner said he did the clutch (sketchy). What else could be the problem? Now I’m considering pulling the transmission in the summer.

  6. what's your process to bleeding it? when I did my slave cylinder the first time I remember panicking because it wouldn't build pressure but you gotta pump it a lot when you bleed. by hand, 10 pumps or so and hold it down while the other person cracks the line and don't release until they tighten the bleeder. pull the pedal back up and repeat and slowly you will feel pressure start to build. I had to pump and hold like 10-15 times before it felt normal

  7. Bottle with a hose. I was pumping it pretty hard and my dad said there wasn’t any air because of the consistent stream of brake fluid

  8. it still takes a lot of time to build pressure up even if there isn't any air bubbles. just keep bleeding until the clutch pedal starts to feel normal again. you'll feel it building up pressure

  9. with a bottle of stop leak

  10. fucking sexy. I've only ever owned or really been interested in Japanese cars but I have a huge soft spot for these trucks. nice build man

  11. It had idle bounce before but I fixed the issue, cleaned the piss out of the old iacv and put it back on. Runs great now. The new iacv had a broken plug when I looked at it.

  12. damn that sucks, how'd you clean the old one? I've tried to spray mine our with carb cleaner but it never works great. been having little issues with my iac here and there, I can tell it's getting more upset lol

  13. All I did was absolutely hose mine with cleaner. If your certain it’s the IACV, I would just replace it. If not I’d see if anything else could be the issue

  14. yeah my issue is 100% either iac or a tiny intermittent vacuum leak and I'm honestly leaning toward iac because of the symptoms. what brand did you buy sp that I know not to lol ideally I'd buy a new oem one but that'd like 350

  15. I like the vibes if both. I would love a nice clean interior with race inspired bits like a Nardi with hub, seats, short shifter etc. but also...I have that same steering wheel from the pic and that oem leather wrap is so beautiful and the wheel feels so nice to hold, I just can't change it lol at least not until the leather rips. also got the oem grey confetti seats still no rips in that either

  16. Not any more. NGKs are double that price now.

  17. i just bought some copper ngk for 4 bucks a piece maybe a month ago

  18. I'd try to do them all at once. my plan is to take all the arms out and bring them to a machine shop to get the old bushings out and the new bushings pressed in

  19. That's a great idea, have you had any experience replacing them with poly bushings or is that still a bad choice for daily driving? I've heard that most poly bushings are far too stiff and can cause some harshness on the road which is already quite bad here in LA.

  20. my friend just recently switch to all poly bushings and motor mounts. very noticeable rattles and vibrations in the chassis since it's not being dampened but other than that it's not super uncomfortable. I'm gonna go oem when I do mine.

  21. whyd ya take it all the way out?

  22. Hahahha. Good luck with the EVAP code. I've resorted to just leaving it. Way too much work without smoke tester and two-way OBD scanner. As for cylinder misfire, most likely it either comes down to spark or fuel. Try swapping the spark plugs between cyliners and then the fuel injectors between cylinder, and see if the misfire code follows either.

  23. I'm not throwing any more money towards my evap code. the check engine has become my friend

  24. Is it the dipstick? Almost looks like it’s not pushed in completely

  25. kinda agree with this too, it's a little wet under the dipstick and you can see where the o ring isn't inside the hole

  26. jack it up onto stands and look at where it's leaking from. probably just a hose that needs replacing

  27. make sure everything is sound mechanically first and then if you want to make it more fun I'd do intake, catback, good coilovers, and maybe some nice wheels. these cars are already really nice looking so I wouldnt do any cosmetic mods maybe just a detail. lowering and changing wheels alone will go a long way.

  28. Should really check out Cow Creek. Like 20 minutes from Lime Creek and 100 times more fun. Best touge road in Texas. It's like an asphalt rally stage.

  29. driven 1431 a couple times but never cow creek, I'll have to check it out sometime. thanks!

  30. rightt it should be all of December

  31. probably tie rods, seems like your toe is off

  32. thought this was a scratch on your window at first lol

  33. Thank you! And I feel the same, when the Dominator ASP first came out it was amazing but now it’s power has been reduced it with low grip tyres is a nightmare

  34. I usually use the Remus but bought the asp a while ago and haven't used it much until recently. after a session getting used to it I actually have so much fun driving that car, probably more than the Remus even tho I prefer Japanese cars over American muscle typically

  35. find new session/invite only session

  36. I had them spamming my phone one time while they weren't even in the session anymore and that stupid chime from the text over and over made my brain want to explode. I've been using that tinnamen square method which actually seems to work most of the time

  37. it's really hard for me to play in a lobby completely by myself. even if I'm not really interacting much with other players just being able to cruise around and see other real people makes it so much more enjoyable for me. especially when sometimes you end up cruising with a random and sometimes not even saying a word the whole time

  38. yessss I was gonna say this but had to see if anyone else commented it first lmao. that's exactly what it looks like

  39. wow and it's a 4 door 😍

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