1. Harvest of Ohio has halves for 88$ the first two hours they are opened. Lower THC levels but def high in temp. Good gas for the price for sure!

  2. Camino gummies are great! & the Kiva chocolate bites, Incredible has mints that are good too. All 5mg microdosed

  3. Lighthouse Sciences it’s dope! They have problem child & wonka bars

  4. Took the words right out my mouth! Their regular bud jars are colossal! 🌳πŸ”₯πŸ–€One of the best vendors in the program tbh.

  5. Standard wellness has a CBD flower called catatonic. And firelands scientific has two they have one called shark shock and one called AC/DC all of them have pretty decent levels of CBD but the firelands scientific has more THC the standard wellness catatonic is usually around 1% THC and 12% CBD I prefer to use that one mix it with my regular flower if I want more THC at the moment I'm using it

  6. FOREVER A FAN FAVORITE! Got mine from Harvest of Beavercreek! Buds looked GLORIOUS!! Nice hairy gassy nuggz!

  7. Harvest of Ohio! I like their daily discounts and their friendly & overly helpful staff! Only dispo I go to!

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