1. lol. I bought my copy of MKWii for $53 2 weeks ago at my local GameStop. crazy how I almost paid full price for a 14 year old game.

  2. for "opposing Lucius and his ideals". at least until she reveals that she lied about that and only fought you to steer you away from danger if I remember correctly

  3. Alice, Elza, and Melina. Very nostalgic and awesome-looking characters for me.

  4. you can't through normal means, it is a modded stack of an item created by third-party software.

  5. Is it okay to pick up mechanics in a dungeon?

  6. So did the dungeon guardian kill on any attempts?

  7. Yes. It started chasing me right underneath where my character is standing and killed me.

  8. getting yourself a camille is a good idea too

  9. awaken and promote amy, elva, venus. use carnival stuff to get giselle. shes great.

  10. I don't really like Halibel in Brave Souls due to certain circumstances (Yes, I'm talking to you speed halibel) but my favorite has to be Parasol. Characters in Kimonos (her's in particular) are my favorite 😊

  11. I started the game for the first time, and got a free tech shikai ichigo and heart kon.

  12. I just completed my Rukia collection too!! I was just missing the tech Dark Rukia and pulled her today!

  13. You got snow white hair and glowing green your more unique then the average guy oh wait wrong show

  14. I was fooling around with ★4 Characters while maxing them out and I used Toshiro's special on enemies against a wall in the run before this one.

  15. TYBW Nemu. Spent around 13,000 orbs across every single banner she's been featured on.

  16. I'd rather settle for characters that only return once a year than characters that will return every few months after their release.

  17. nothing better than paying $23.99 USD for a tla Byakuya or mind Nemu.

  18. why were people expecting SAFWY for eom? it was clearly obvious we weren't getting them yet because of the absence of a teaser trailer.

  19. For me, it's the arrancars that shoot several lasers in a 360° motion... I play ranged arrancar killers only mostly because of them.

  20. I don't see why people care about the red color in their character so much... They're still 10/10/10 at the end of the day. This is why they say you can power up your "favorite" characters with the new update.

  21. Lili is a pretty good physical light single target unit for Record Buster. She pairs well with the Light Anya from the New Year 2020 rerun.

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