1. Thanks for stopping by! Better late than never

  2. Here's another ignition campaign giving advice on how to avoid making "beginner" mistakes at $500NL on ignition in case this guy doesn't have you convinced

  3. I'm suspicious that this is part of an Ignition ad campaign. Every day in a row now for several days, some schmuck posts "i'M wInNiNg On IgNiTiOn1!" with a photo. The content is never ignition specific but the title mentions it every single time, and it's always some outrageous result.

  4. Op does seem legit, and a regular poster and definitely not out of line in any way. However, your concern is definitely valid and you shouldn't be chastised for saying what you said. Ignition has plenty of shills/campaigns out there like you mentioned, I just don't think this guy is one of them. Nobody is more suspicious of this shit than me, trust me.

  5. Seems questionable to put somebody else's art that you don't understand on yourself.

  6. Such an alt right thing to say lmao 🤣 let's really get the retards going hahahaha

  7. Only a cop would even know that acronym. I googled it

  8. Whatever you do don’t mention gender or anything ‘snowflakey’ or limon will shoot off on his usual alt right tirades

  9. Anything that doesn't have tits and a dick is "alt right" now

  10. They aren't moving away for different reasons they're moving away because they don't like you

  11. It has finally been resolved on Feb 20th 2023.. They returned the funds my account. 126 days after I first wrote void on the check and sent them the picture.. Weirdly enough they just said 'In this case, the funds were refunded successfully to your account.'Never said anything about their previous claim that the check had already been cashed.. so my guess is that they just were not going to return it for whatever reason, but after I brought up opening a police investigation they decided to release the funds...?

  12. That's not resolved. You were trying to withdraw it weren't you?

  13. Technically there are very few zero sum games out there, so the term is used pretty loosely. In this case I think the previous poster was just trying to reinforce the idea that professional poker players contribute very little value to society by performing their job. There are essentially no “rewarding” parts of the job compared to say a teacher/professor who has the satisfaction that they made a real difference to people/society.

  14. Data entry professionals struggle with the same feelings. Among many others. Just nobody asks them about it because it's probably offensive. People ask poker players things that they wouldn't ask of other professionals. Probably for various reasons

  15. If a data entry guy doesn't do his job or does it poorly, it's good for the next guy in line for that job. Dude trust me when I say this, you're not nearly as intelligent as you think you are. Piss off.

  16. Nik Airball got his money doing wet tee-shirt contests. Mostly participation trophy's but he put the volume in to make it count

  17. A. The money involved is so small the time savings among is enough to tip the scales.

  18. Tourneys a lot smaller than this have very slow structures. Have you seen what micro grinders will endure for 20 bucks? Lmao

  19. Probably yes. Apples and oranges I guess

  20. Said the guy who was shot taking at 2/5 last week

  21. I may be in the minority here but I like it. Probably just a random company that made a simplistic poker set

  22. I feel like there was a simple set like this kicking around my grandmother's house. This definitely looks familiar. I know nothing about it though

  23. Congrats to Mariano he has ascended from the tribal regions of southern California just like I did. He conquered the Sycuans and the Jamuls just as I did. Now he's raking 6 figure pots and I'm raking 6 figures driving Uber.

  24. Once again. Terrifying. Period. Nothing oddly about it

  25. You've come to the right place! 🤣

  26. You have top top on an unpaired board with the nut flush draw. No history on this guy at 1/3 I'm calling. You just never know what he's doing. Over playing kt suited is the first thing that comes to my mind at 1/3

  27. Yeah I see what you’re saying. I guess my unconfirmed read was that he was at least a semi-thinking player and wouldn’t be getting too out of line but I see what you’re sayin

  28. Ficsher kat. How do you like me now

  29. They all leave as soon as you leave anyway so do what you want champ!

  30. Anywhere that isn't bovada and ignition basically

  31. The percentage of the world's population who know who Phil Ivey is a fraction of a percent

  32. You should pay your parking ticket. If you ever come back to MA, and get pulled over / ticketed again, you'd probably get towed.

  33. If you don't pay it they just forget about it. Is that the answer you're looking for?

  34. I had a feeling that was the top of your range

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