1. This is what happened to me and ACR helped me when I emailed them...I opened an ACR account back during the pandemic and never deposited and never played and evidently never gave it another thought because I completely forgot about it.

  2. The very idea of inconsistent variance is the definition of rigged. I dont agree or disagree with what you've said, it was well said to say the least however, variance as I understand it is completely random. If its altered by a human or computer program that is the very nature of rigged. When I suffer a bad runout at my poker room I cant bank on a premium hand coming 1 or 2 hands later. If i could bank on that, it would have to be the result of either magic, or rigging. Respectfully.

  3. Tell more dealer stories! All we ever hear from is the couch potato pros

  4. So full story is we were playing and ended up in a server with a bunch of German dudes and none of them spoke English except one guy and he was translating for us and we ended up being friends with the guy because he was super nice, and we started playing with him often and then we started going back and forth talking about American and German stuff and we decided we would trade a bunch of junk food! This guy is the best and has restored my faith in random xbox players! We are sending him a package as well! What kind of stuff should we put in it that just screams America?

  5. As a German who sees as lot of things on Reddit which are supposed to be German but really aren't, I have to say this is probably the best German snack mix.

  6. That's called a pin-jab. There are two kinds of pin-jabs. Similar to male and female nipples the pin-jab can be found on wooden bowls as well as some higher end plastic bowls such as re-usable cool whip bowls (with or without spaghetti stains) and yogurt cups. The pin-jab is considered a gift of extraordinary status in lots of countries such as North and South Dakota as well as the republic of Canton Ohio. Pin-Jab.....get yours today! Pin-Jab

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